Chicagoans - shh!- don't tell the others!

So, I’ve noticed that all the other dopers are planning get-togethers, but we’ve yet to come up with a plan. Granted, we’ve got the mid-western thing as an option, but for chrissakes, they’re talking about St Louis! I’m far too lazy too drive the 6 hours on a whim, so I’m wondering which (if any) Chicagoland residents would feel like getting together?

I’m free (pretty much, anyway) whenever I feel like it, although I need a few days’ notice. I live in the 'burbs right now but I’m willing to drive… so, whaddya’ll think? I realize I’m new to all of you, but Omnicient said he didn’t want to organize the whole affair and I AM!

Remember, don’t tell the others! They’ll just want to know what was said about them!

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Hmmmmm…four hours have passed, and not ONE reply to Valerie.

Better step in with some of my always-welcome New York City know-how.

Ahem. Chicago guys! I’m gonna be in the ol’ Hog Butcher the week of Thanksgiving. You’re all welcome to drop by my mother-in-law’s house for a good old-fashioned holiday dinner, with all the trimmings!


Us Chicago guys can stop by READER HQ anytime we like… what’s the big deal?

I’d be up for a Chicago get-together. But let’s not make a big deal about it. As Chicago is the greatest city in the country, Chicgoans are the coolest and we are the home of SD headquarters, I wouldn’t want anyone to get jelous :wink:

Don’t get me wrong–I love life. I’m just finding it harder and harder to keep myself amused.

Unfortunately, some of us are lousy typists: Chicagoans. ::sigh::

I’m just trying to keep this thread near the top…

So Lucky, you’re in? And if we get together around Thanksgiving, Ike can come out to play too? Neat.

I SHOULD mention that I’ll be in LA from Nov 9-15, so that wouldn’t work for me.

OK, I hate to nag, but could the rest of you throw me a bone here? Reply! :slight_smile:

I live in the Western suburbs and would love to meet some of you guys.

Maybe then I can make someone’s “Favorite Poster” list sniffsniff*

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I live about 3-4 hours drive away from Chicago. I’d love to meet some of you, and if given a little time to arrange the time, could probably pop away for a weekend.
(Not for a few weeks, though. Work is absorbing a ridiculous amount of my time.)
Could I crash the party?
(I’d buy at least one round!)

I’m in, just keep me posted.

Hey, man…I’m up for BOTH midwestern get-togethers.

Please make use of that little email icon beside my name and let me know what’s going on as far as dates and times and stuff.

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I might be able to make a meeting, depending on time/date/place. (Sorry, I’m behind on the board.)

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Hmmm, since Veb needs a couple of weeks, and then I’m going to be in LA, we might just end up having to wait until Thanksgiving week. The earliest I think it would work would be sometime after Nov 16th.

Does anyone have any idea WHERE we should meet? The places I go to normally are too loud for any kind of conversation.

But so far we’ve got Lucky, Jophiel, TVeblen, Omni, Chris CTP, Kat, and maybe Uke. Oh, and me.

Well, Chicagoland’s a pretty big place. It might be hard to convince the City folks to drive to the Burbs, and vice versa. I myself, being a transplanted bumpkin, am not too keen on driving into the Big Scary City, but I know some friendly places in the Western Suburbs. The Assembly, at Barrington and Northwest Tollway? Maggiano’s Oakbrook? Just trying to get the ball rolling with a couple of suggestions.

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I wouldn’t mind going into the city, as long as it was someplace I could get to on the el/subway–I prefer not to drive in the city and I hate the buses. Someone might, however, have to email me directions.

But if we want to meet outside the city, heck, we could always do Woodfield, everyone knows where that is. :wink:

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I vote for Woodfield. Or better yet, I vote for my bedroom. You all come to me, damn it… I have better things to do than get out of bed. :wink:

Or the Empress. We can all meet and then get drunk and blow our paychecks! We can determine whether or not they’ll not let you bet on red and black at the same time! It’ll be a fact finding tour!

“I guess it is possible for one person to make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

Well, I’m in the Northwest 'burbs at the moment… Woodfield’s only about 20 minutes away from me. But where in that area should we go? I still do most of my, ahh, socializing in the city so I don’t know where the good places to hang in the suburbs are.

I’d personally LOVE for us to go somewhere not too far from me so that I could cab it home if I decide to drink. The Schaumburg/Woodfield area isn’t too bad, but can the city people make it out here?

Can I come too? I’m a downtown girl, but I have a car so I can make it out to the burbs. I can even ferry out any Chicagoans who are carless. (shoot, now I’m a designated driver)

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Of course you can come, Guadere! Are there any other city people that CAN’T make it out to the suburbs? It seems like there’s a lot of votes for around Woodfield.

Also, since Chris CTP is so far west, it might be easier for her NOT to have to go all the way into the city… but I suppose we should just vote on it, heh?

I live in the SW burbs, and the Empress is very close to me, so I’d be happy with that. They just opened up the Cameleon Club which is a loud, trendy dance club attached to the casino. My kind of place. I, however, have never been there so I can’t speak too authoratively, and wouldn’t want to make a declaration on it uninformed. Anyone know anything?

Being that I live in the burbs, I must say that I really perfer downtown. I do all my partying there, and generally am bored with suburban bars. (Note: I am presuming that a bar is the likely choice, and my preference) I know all the areas mentioned very well (I have college friends everywhere).

Woodfield would be acceptable if its the majority choice, I recommend The Alumni Club in that area. If the mood hits for a little more excitement, there are plenty of louder places in the area, but I haven’t personally been to many. A second possibility is Dirty Nellies in Palatine. Its a bit north of the Woodfield area, but is literally right on the Amtrak tracks to make travel easy. Its a fun place with bands every weekend, and quite a bit of room.

If downtown is the concensus, what area is ideal? I imagine we’re going to be split between Lincoln Park, or Rush & Division. Both are easily accesible to everyone (MTA et al). I suggest avoiding the touristy areas around Michigan Ave. and the restaraunt district. The one big exception is Fado, one of the coolest Irish Pubs I’ve been too, and right next door to Maggiano’s. If we decide on Lincoln Park I know all the bars in that area (Do I sound like a lush yet?). John Barleycorn is one of my faves.

Hey Omni - I’m with ya, but a lot of the places you mentioned get VERY loud. Alumni gets nuts on the weekends, as does Nellie’s. And Rush street? Ahhhh, I dunno.

I just assumed we’d want a quieter bar (or restaurant, whatever) so we could hear each other talk. Unless we’re talking about meeting during the week, in which case almost every place’ll be somewhat quieter.

So, I guess we also need to figure out if everyone would prefer a weekend or a weeknight?