Chicago chapter SDMB vomit fest

I’m just starting a fresh thread to combat that damn link problem on the last one, and to consolidate all the opinions so far.

It appears certain that Nov. 21, Sunday before Thanksgiving is when its going to happen. This I imagine is still open to adjustment if a majority rules.

The Birds Nest sounds like the location as well, yet still tenative. The address is as follows:
2500 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472-1502

Click Here for a Map

Here’s a map zoomed out

And zoomed out more

A time is yet to be determined, as well as any details for meeting, parking, and if Val has some connections she can call on.

Anyone interested please chime in here, to confirm and offer additional suggestions and concensus opinions on the tenative choices.

Lovely title for the thread, Omni. I’m a little misty, just fighting back the tears from that beautiful imagery.

Mmmmmkay. So as was mentioned on the old thread, it’s a Sunday night and a lot of people have to work the next morning (and I have traffic court), so I’m thinking we need to get together early enough to get sauced and still get a reasonable amount of sleep. I’m in for 7 or 8 pm, unless there are any objections.

Now, on to hotels… assuming you out-of-towners want to avoid the REALLY sleazy dives, it looks like you may want to call the Days Inn Lincoln Park North (somewhere under $100). The number is 800-329-7466. It’d be a cheap cab ride over to the Bird’s Nest. There’s also the Surf Hotel, 800-787-3108. Those are the only two that I found in Fodor’s in Lincoln Park.

Parking shouldn’t be a problem for those that are driving. If you can’t find a spot on the street (which is pretty likely, actually) you can park in the lot for Ewald’s Funeral Home that’s kitty-corner to the Nest.

Now, let’s get into how we’re going to know each other when we get there. Any ideas?

At our first get-together, we New Yorkers found that we immediately recognized when the guy walking in the door was one of Cecil’s Evil Minions. The powerful intellectual charge or somethin’.

I’m looking forward to seeing you guys in Chicago!


Ike!! You’re going to Chicago?!


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I just reserved my room at the Days Inn at Diversity and Clark (she said that was the only one in Lincoln Park, so I hope I’m on the right track).

For two people/double bed it’s $89.00 (one person costs $79.00)plus tax and $8.00 to park for 24 hours. I’d never heard of such a thing. Apparently, if I want to park my car at the hotel and then leave for the gathering, and then park it again, it will cost another $8.00.

The Surf Hotel didn’t mention any parking fees, but one person can stay for $99.00, two for an extra $10.00.

Val, could I just crash at your place? :wink:

“Excrement. That is what I think of J. Evans Pritchard, PhD.” --Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society

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Looking at the map, I guess I meant Diversey, not Diversity.

“Excrement. That is what I think of J. Evans Pritchard, PhD.” --Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society

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Well, considering that I’ve been volunteered to hold Thanksgiving, whether I’m there now depends on whether the place is presentable by then (I’m not gonna have much time between Sunday and Turkey Day so Sunday night’ll be my last shot at it).

That habing been said, is it known whether the Bird’s Nest is near a CTA subway stop?

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Kat asked

I don’t think it’s too far from the Fullerton red line stop, but I’m not positive.

Chris, the Days Inn is the right one. If I were you I wouldn’t bother un-parking for the gathering, you should be able to grab a cab, and it’ll be less hassle. I’m considering getting a room there myself & cabbing it over, so that I don’t have to drive.

I’m still trying to figure out a way to get there and not get fired…

Heck, how could I balance mere employment against a vomit-fest?

Working on it, working on it. If you see a mysterious, tall, dark woman walking in, it may be me. (If I myopically walk into the bar, dangling ferns, or fallen drunks, you’ll KNOW it’s me.)

'tis I.

Oh, ptui. You know what I mean.


Veb, I really, really, really hope you can be there.

Just fake your death or something. Or pre-record your speech and hire a lookalike to lip sync.

…still jazzed that Ike is going to be there…

“Excrement. That is what I think of J. Evans Pritchard, PhD.” --Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society

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I forgot to mention before that I’m leaving in the morning for LA, so I won’t have a ton of internet time until the 15th. I’ll be able to check my email, though, so please feel free to mail me w/ any questions that come up before I get back.

By the way, I’m still nervous about assuming we’ll all know each other when we meet. I’m not suggesting nametags or anything that sick. We just need to think of something.

Okay, I’ve got to finish packing… keep me informed!

This is a link to the map location of the nearest El (Not Subway damn it!!) stop.

[Red Line - Fullerton Ave. stop]( 26&mouse_mode=zoom_out&_template=entity%2Fentity_map.html&level=10&style=2&lat=419255&lng=-876538&width=400&height=400&POI1lat=419255&POI1lng=-876538&POI1label=1&map.x=223&map.y=19 7)

Here’s a link to the Red Line overview map

Here’s a link to the El Train’s overview map

Here’s a link to the CTA’s train schedules

As for the timing, I don’t really care, I plan on closing the place out. The earlier we start…well I’ll keep you in suspense.

Well, that first link didn’t work real well.

Here’s a link to the intersection its at

Well, damn. I’m excited that ChrisCTP is so excited.

I really don’t think there’ll be much difficulty finding each other, Val. There’s a buzz of excitement within the group that will attract each newcomer. That and the fact that we’re calling each other by names like “Omniscient,” “TVeblen,” “Kat,” “Doctor Sardonicus,” “Snorky Maverick,” etc.

The problem will be fighting off the locals, who will be trying to horn in on our Positive Energy.


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Do not be alarmed. The noises you hear are normal. They are just the creaky old machinery of UncleBeer’s head being set in motion by an almost lucid thought.

Are party crashers allowed?

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Ok, this gathering is starting to sound like a lot of fun. Chris - are you up for a traveling companion? If so, let me know!

Cool. Since we’re meeting in the city I can take the El (and drink. a lot). How many are possibly showing up here?

::note to self: need to check MPSIMS more often, I’m going to miss the updates::

The Red Line stop at Fullerton is also a Brown Line stop, so take whatever line is closest to your starting point.

and Omni’s latest map shows where the El stop is located, which is near the corner of Fullerton and Sheffield. It may not be clear to out-of-towners that it’s a several block walk from there to the bar, which is to the west and a bit north. Omni’s earlier maps show the bar location, so I suggest printing out both maps if you’re not familiar with the area and will be walking from the El.

boli: That would be fabulous. Byron may or may not be going…I already have a (one bed) room reserved for two people. I’m sure something can be figured out.

Ike: I’ve never met a real live New Yorker… can I touch you?

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