Chick has a beard

I see this woman occasionally, and she has a beard. Well, heavy peach-fuzz anyway, on her chin. I don’t stare, so I only catch glimpses. She also has acne. I’m aware of ‘bearded ladies’, but her beard isn’t that heavy. What would cause this? My completely non-medical guess is a hormone imbalance. Or: she sets off my gaydar; could she be in transition?

Many women have beards. All women have some level of testosterone so we have varying facial hair growth as a result. Testosterone could cause acne too. It’s not economically feasible for most people to get electrolysis, and other “solutions” like waxing or epilating tend to be painful and time-consuming.

Possibly Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Heck, I’ve seen women with gorilla arms. People are mammals - we have hair.

Also, being gay has nothing to do with gender transition.

No way of telling, most of those.

There are many reasons for facial hair on women, ethnicity for one. There are also medications that cause hirsutism. Minoxidil was originally used for blood pressure control.
Cyclosporin, an anti-rejection drug used in organ transplantation, will cause hair to grow on the eyelids.

I was once assigned to care for a cranky italian patient. He’d been on Cyclopsorin for a couple weeks. The guy had hair drifting out of his ears, on his high cheeks and nose. His hair line and eyebrows met in the middle.

I have a very open filter between my brain and my mouth. I walked into his room and before I could stop myself, said “Is the moon full?”

We became fast friends.

Also, acne and hair on the face can be a side effect of abnormal birth control pill levels.
There are plenty of reasons for the hair and acne other than her sexuality.

Another vote for PCOS.

I have under-chin hair, upper lip hair, sideburns, etc. I get them waxed, so it’s usually nothing to look at (the couple days before a wax, there’s a little fuzz, but nothing major).

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome causes lower levels of female hormones and higher levels of male hormones, so some of the male characteristics start to appear. Everything from hirsutism to male patterned baldness… it sucks.

Not removing it. Seriously, if it’s just peach fuzz, the question likely has more to do with her choosing not to remove it than how she got it in the first place. Because a lot of women have facial hair – that’s why there are so many products to remove or hide it. Peach fuzz can be near impossible to wax, and hair removal cream can burn and likely irritate her acne (or maybe that’s part of the reason she has bad skin in the first place). Also, if it’s plentiful but blond, she could actually already be lightening it in attempt to make it less prominent.

Damn! My first thought was “Jack Chick is being outed.”

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I knew a woman in her 20’s with a beard. She was from Jamaica. She said that one day she just got tired of shaving, so she stopped. Her sister told her to start shaving again, but she just didn’t care enough to do it. We did volunteer work together. She was on the margins of society and didn’t need to worry about her appearance as far as employment went. She didn’t actually look bad; her skin was very dark and her beard blended in.

PCOS, thirded.

Never knew how common it was among women (most hide it pretty well), until getting it myself.