I am the bearded lady- beware my stubble!

I, The Deadliest of all Deadly nightlights, am growing a beard. This is not a new deveolpment- as I have been growing one for about a year. At first I never noticed it, until I was at walmart one day and a child pointed it out. I asked my then husband If he noticed it, and indeed he did, but didn’t want to say anything.

I have PCOS- and one of the symptoms is growing hair in places it should not be, or being hirsute in general- So I am not too surprised.

Everyday It is me versus the beard- I am afraid for anyone to touch my face lest they be stabbed by my very un-chick-ly stubble.
I have to shave everyday like a man. There is a good point though, I can give a mean stubble burn when I am threatened. Also being a black female, I am discovering I have a new kinship with black males. Those fucking shaving bumps! What the fuck are they anyway? They are like little lumps of Eeeee-veeeel waiting for me to slice the tops off of them with my razor.

I, as a chick, am very offended by the presence of this nasty ass facial hair- So I here by order every single hair on my chin off of my body. They all have to sundown to relocate somewhere new- like my ass or someother place that no one is seeing anytime soon, anywhere at all except for this “treasure trail” thing I seem to be developing. WTF is this shit? Did all of the sudden my body say “Gee golly whilikers- lets just start growing hair everywhere?”

I have tried other methods of removal, and my hairs laugh at me.
NADS ouch, didn’t work and ouch
Tweezing ouch, formed dark spots on my face,ouch
Body sugaring works everywhere but on my face
Nair words to the wise-never use nair anywhere near skin on your face- especially skin that is sunburned(of course I had nevr had a sunburn before so I thought I was a little dry)ouch OUCH

The only thing that works at all is shaving-very un-chick-ly indeed

So in conclusion, if there are any dopers out there who need any extra hair, I will mail it to you for free. And then if someone could direct me to a place where I can mail my double chin and fat ass to, all would be right in my world.

No thanks, I’ve got my own. I feel your pain. Not to minimize your suffering, but at least you didn’t mention hidradenitis supperativa - also known as big festering abcesseses in all the worst possible places.

However, I have one word for your torment: Spironolactone. Doesn’t cure it, but does diminish it greatly. I need no longer shave, but merely pluck and not much of that. After several years, even underarm hair all but disappears. Ever heard of it?

Spirinolactone is a good thing, as long as you’re not trying to get pregnant, when you can’t take it. There’s a prescription cream now, Vaniqa, which doesn’t get rid of the hair, but inhibits its regrowth. You still have to get rid of the hair on your own.

I use an electronic depilitory, a Braun Epilady, which hurts like hell, but gets rid of the hair for about 2 weeks. I have nonclassical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, which has many of the same symptoms as PCOS and I feel your pain. I’ve been a hairy beast since puberty and I have tried everything under the sun. Shaving sucks, Nair is the worst thing in the world to put on your face (I have burned myself pretty badly with that), plucking works if you have only a few stray hairs.

If you aren’t trying to do the baby thing, I second the recommendation on Spironolactone. It works very well.

Deadly, when I was in the army a lot of the black guys used this product, and maybe it will work for you too. Blue Magic Regular Strength Shaving Powder This is from their ad: “Magic, the shaving powder recommended by the National Medical Association as an effective shaving method for the relief of razor bumps in black men.”

Good luck.

That’s fucking nasty. I think I’d go to a dermatologist.

God, I am so sorry. That sucks.

I have these annoying little billy-goat bristles that grow on my chin, but that hardly compares with dealing with a large area of hair growth.

Isn’t this a diuretic? I didn’t know it had anything to do with hair growth.

Thanks- Actually I was thinking about trying spiro as I am no longer trying to do the baby thing. I am just really sick and tired of dealing with the symptoms of pcos :frowning:



Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

What about, um - electrolosis.

My mom has gotten to the age where most women start to grow a goatee. She was plucking for a while but it’s time consuming and she was getting pimples, so she switched to electrolosis. You have to go to a few sessions, but then the beasties don’t grow back.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

I googled a bit on PCOS, having never heard of it before.

This website might be informative as well, Deadly Nighlight, in case you didn’t see it yet.

Good luck - it sounds like quite a burden.

Thanks all- So glad I have a place to vent to :slight_smile:
Electrolosis is prob going to have to be next- one day when I can afford it, as my insurance does not cover it.

So, which would win in a fair fight, your stubble, or biggirl’s mutant chin hair?

Preach it, sistah … this poor white chick has put on a lot of weight within the last 10 years, which caused hirsutism. I now shave under my chin every morning and hate it like mad. Am trying to save emogh money for electrocuting the damn things.

<Homer Simpson>
Grr … facial hair!
</Homer Simpson>

Word of warning about plucking the hairs on your chinny-chin-chin:

My cousin has PCOS and has been seeing an electrologist who explained that: When you pluck, you feed the hair. Ripping it out damages the root and surrounding micro tissues, which respond by adding feeder capillaries to aid in the healing process. Which means thicker, stronger hairs grow back.

That sounds good, but I have no idea if it’s true. It certainly appeared to be true in my cousin’s case, anyhow.

However, I would like to know why this doesn’t seem to apply to eyebrow hairs. I started plucking mine when thin was in, and alot of those suckers just never grew back.

Ooops…I think I meant to say ripping out the hair damages the follicle.

We likely don’t care if it damages the root. :slight_smile:

I am not sure- but If someone can arrange it we can have a cage match and find out- Mutant hair vs Nasty Stubble!

I hope the plucking thing is not true because I don’t want to think that I aided Bigger Stronger Hair.

I feel your pain, Deadly Nightlight, as I too, am a fellow PCOS sufferer.

I get waxed about every 2-3 weeks, with some plucking inbetween waxings, which keeps me from looking like a circus freak. I’m looking into laser hair removal, as it seems that I’d be a good candidate for it (light skin, dark hair).