Chicken Dance Elmo - I Want You!

Chicken Dance Elmo you have been warned - you are mine! All mine! No child shall have you! Mine! Mine! Mine! :smiley:


Elmo is a horrible little creature - singlehandedly responsibly for sending the once great and funky Sesame Street down the toilet into cutseyland.

Give me Oscar any day.

I’d buy an Electric Fence Elmo though. Or maybe a Coke-snorting Messed-Up Elmo.

The Bert is Evil people got it wrong, I tells ya!

<< groans >>

Oh gawwwwwd, is it Christmas already?
Am I the only one who remembers the Tickle Me Elmo hysteria? Leechbabe, honey, you gotta get a grip, dearie, it’s just a toy, okay? They make 'em in factories by the millions, stuff the ugly little arms and legs with plastic fuzz, put a fifty-cent noisemaker inside, and announce to consumers that it’s the next “hot ticket Christmas present”. By March 1 they’ll be on the “30% off” table at Kay-Bee.

Resist this evil you must.
To the Dark Side turn not.

But, but he’s soooooo cute.

I want them ALL!!

Elmo wants to be a chicken
Elmo wants to be a chicken
Elmo wants to be a chicken
Bawk Bawk Bawk Bawk!

I’m almost ashamed to asmit that when shopping for a birthday present for my little neice I spent roughly 15 muntes playing with the Elmo Chicken Dance toy.

I look pretty hot doing the dance, too.

Is this really a toy? We’ve been dissing it at work, especially the hype surrounding it.

What does it ‘do’, exactly? The ‘Chicken Dance’? And that’s fun, how again?

I’ve been waiting for an Elmo thread so I could post a link to this picture, which was someone’s response to all of the bunny-fur clad bimboi at SCA events everywhere: Sufficiently wrong.

Anyone else get the image of Elmo at a wedding?

Da na na na na na na; Da na na na na na na; Da na na na na na na; pock pock pock pock!

Next up: Macarena Elmo.

leechy, I haven’t yet seen Chicken Dance Elmo, but I am a huge fan of Tickle Me Elmo (though I don’t own one). When he first came out, my friends and I used to go to the toy shops in town where they had squillions of the things lined up on the shelves, and tickle them all at once and watch them giggle :slight_smile:

However, I am seriously lusting after a similar sort of toy - the Bear in the Big Blue House that sings and does the cha-cha. He is way cool. My little two-year-old cousin has one, and every time I go to her place I come perilously close to commiting the heinous crime of stealing toys from a child…

Elmo and the Chicken Dance???

It’s two…two…two horrors in one!

Elmo and the Chicken Dance???

It’s two…two…two horrors in one!

Ethilrist that is a very scary picture and almost put me off Elmo for life!!!

We have it, my 2 year old cousin loves it, she’s about the cutest thing jumping up and down and flapping her arms. Though any other time it’s playing I have the urge to pluck and roast it.
Guilty confession, not only do I do the chicken dance with my little cousin but I hum it often throughout the days.