Chicken In A Biskit Crackers

I bought some of these, as they were on sale and I never tasted them before.

Are they supposed to taste like Chicken? They taste like crackers that are way over salted to me.

Put tuna salad on them.

Yum…one of my favorite crackers, but only once in awhile. They are very heavily seasoned. I like mine with swiss cheese.

Tuna salad with swiss cheese, just long enough in the mircrowave to make the cheese soft.

I used to love them as a kid. Think they’re basically made with something like chicken bouillon powder, or that’s how I remember them tasting.

I used to love those things. I haven’t had them in a while.

They probably are made with chicken bullion which would probably explain the over-salty flavor as bullion is very heavy on salt.

We like 'em with cheese from a can, and with devilled ham spread.

Yeah, dad always liked them with spray cheese.

I like them in the same way I like Chef Boyardi mini ravioli. I know they’re not good food, and would never serve them to company. Once in a while I’m feeling nostalgic and they fit the bill. I don’t think though, that if they weren’t a part of my past I’d try them now.

And yes, to me they don’t taste so much like actual chicken as they taste like cup-a-soup mix.

They are hands down the absolute BEST crackers in the world. I would serve them at all my parties (and do), and they are always the first to go. I can never keep a box around for more than a day or two.

Yep, they taste like they have bouillon sprinkled on top and I rather love them.

I’m reminded of the time I thought I’d try to make chicken (or bouillon at least) popcorn. It didn’t work, but the idea was glorious! :smiley:

They may be the best crackers in the world right now, but if Nabisco ever brings back the original Vegetable Thins-- the ones with the crackers shaped like onions, celery and bell peppers-- your claim will no longer be valid.

Mmmm. It took me years to resist CiiB crackers on an end cap. Then I’d eat the whole box and say never again… until the next time.

My grandmother loved these…she ate them plain.

And then your feet would be the size of basketballs because of all of the delicious, delicious sodium, right? :smiley:

I already wear so-many-E’s-it’s-ridiculous, whaddya want?

I’ve never been given to issues with salt intake or fluid retention, fortunately. I don’t eat snack crackers by the box anymore, either, though.

When they first came out back in the 60s, they were advertised on TV a lot, and they had this jingle with a hoe downie, square-dancy kind of flavor (heh):

There’s a new kind of biscuit,
Everybody should.

And in my 12 year old (or so) mind I was wondering why they were calling a cracker a biscuit, but mostly I wondered why they didn’t finish the line…
Everybody Should
Everybody should what?:confused:
So I’d go around the house singing,
“Ah Hah, everybody should” as an answer to just about everything. Cracked my Mom and her friends up pretty good.
I still sing it (to myself) when I see them in a store.
Oddly enough, I’ve never actually eaten one.

Oh, I used to love them. I’m not sure I could tolerate all the salt now.

But I’d try.

I feel like a few years ago they came out with a “new and improved” formula that doubled down on the salt and halved the chicken flavor. Still the best damn things in the world.

Also, old vegetable thins were fucking amazing.