chicken pot pie CHICKEN POT PIE

Creamy, flaky goodness in a pan.

We’ve used the Cook’s Illustrated recipe from the New Best Recipe book several times now, and it is simply scrumptious. Homemade savory crust, simple veggies (carrots, celery, onions, peas), shredded chicken, chicken broth and milk instead of cream. The only change is that I’ve decided using a rotisserie chicken for the filling is a) easier and b) more moist and tasty.

We can eat half of a 13x9 pan in one sitting. I’m considering buying small baking dishes just for the purpose of serving this recipe to guests as individual pies. The presentation from the big pan is not so impressive. But, really, who cares? It’s just that good. Instead of going out to dinner for our 10th wedding anniversary, it’s Chicken Pot Pie at home. With a fine Ridge zin.

Anyone else love pot pies?

I love them, but have never found a recipe I wanted to tackle. Many of the online recipes I’ve found call for canned soups, which I don’t tend to keep around.

I love it. Classic homey chicken pot pie is hard to beat. If you ever want to try something a little different try Alton Brown’s curried chicken pot pie recipe:

It’s so easy and cheap and while of course I love a more traditional pot pie it’s a good meal.

Sounds similar to what I make. I just use a Bisquik crust(drop biscuits) and I also use chopped Yukon Gold potatoes, chopped, boiled for a few minutes, drained and dried, tossed with a bit of oil and roasted with a finish under the broiler.

I hate to break the news, but you’ve got to relinquish your pies, now.

Weird Al Yankovic played a concert; afterwards, who came backstage but Paul McCartney. Macca declared himself a huge fan and ask why Weird Al never covered one of his songs. Weird Al replied that he already had one in mind: he would cover Live and Let Die - as Chicken Pot Pie.

McCartney wouldn’t authorize it because he’s a vegetarian.

Carry on.

I love me some chicken pot pie!

If that’s true, McCartney’s an asshole.

I love chicken pot pie; I love all pies, actually, but my calorie counting doesn’t have room for pie calories most days. Maybe on days where I go for a four hour hike. :slight_smile:


He does play it live.
Chicken Pot Pie

I’ll second the Cooks Illustrated version. I amp up the rosemary just a bit by adding a fresh sprig on top during baking. I also add mushrooms because they are awesome and we have lots around from foraging. I have a batch of morels in the fridge right now…hmmm:)

We are quite fond of pot pies in the Bodoni household. Leftover chicken tends to be recycled into chicken’n’dumplings, by demand, but we do have beef, pork, and turkey pot pies. Also tuna pot pies, which are also frequently demanded. I keep a can or two of Cream of Celery soup on hand for tuna pot pie, in fact.

I can’t make a pie crust from scratch to save my life, so I depend on the frozen ones from Pet-Ritz.

Hand over the chicken pot pie and no one will get hurt!

Yes, I’m an ovo-lacto vegetarian but for that recipie, I’ll sin gladly :wink:

Huh. He really is an asshole. Sorry, I realized after I posted that it sounded like I was calling you a liar; I just meant that if it actually happened, not an urban legend.

I use my mother’s method of making a very simple chicken (or whatever) veggie soup (carrots, peas, onions, celery, potatoes and sometimes corn), thickening it with cornstarch, putting it in a shallow casserole dish and topping with rolled biscuit dough before baking.

Easy and uses up the leftovers.

I’ve been working on a Chicken a la King recipe which I consider just a chicken pot pie that happens to be served over biscuits, thus allowing an overwhelming ration of sauce to crust. It was kind of a disanster when ?i served it to my sister and nephews, but I think the whole old school 1950ness of the recipe kind of fucked with their heads.

Also, I used way too much chicken, and all of it was skinless boneless breast meat, so it came out too dry. It did not reheat well. Next time I’m going with darkmeat, maybe even with drumsticks and thighs with BONES AND SKIN! BRAHAHAHAHAHA!

Also, I put in frozen corn which was way too sweet. Next time I’m going with carrots, green beans and frozen peas.

I got the recipe froms some fat obnoxious bitch (with a voice that makes you want to stick chopsticks in your eyes) on the Food Network, but don’t tell anyone.

Too many carrots will also make a dish too sweet, FYI.

No kitty, that’s MY pot pie!

I didn’t read any harsh in your post; more of an “ugh, really?”

**cstamets **- thanks for the link!

Instead of this, replace the soups with a cream/milk + chicken broth base. Start up a roux with equal parts butter and flour, add the cream/milk to it (slowly, to avoid lumps, stirring all the while), then add the chicken broth. You can amp up the chicken flavor by adding bullion granules or base, too.

I have a recipe that went about it this way, instead of using soups, and it was miles better.

I don’t have the recipe on me as I’m at work, but I’ll try to remember to post it later. Otherwise, the Cook’s Illustrated one sounds similar (but which I’ve never tried, even though I have that cookbook) - if you could find that, give it a go.

Speaking of chicken pot pies, does anyone have a recipe for a beef pot pie? I love these too, but haven’t searched for any recipes. Anyone have a tried and true?