Chicken Salt: An American looking for info

Around November or December we had a thread that had people recommending a bunch of different types of bottled sauces. Mostly they were hot sauces but some were brown sauces (Pickapeppa) and a few other things. That thread gave me the idea to ask for a combination of unusual, worldly, sauces for a Christmas present and as a bonus I included Chicken Salt. At the time, I really didn’t know what Chicken Salt was, it was just something unusual from Australia.
On Christmas, I received a shaker (170g) of Anchor brand “Chippy” flavored salt. This stuff is fantastic. I use it on everything. I’m down half a shaker and I’m looking to get more and in bulk (≈1 kg). But, from what I understand, Chippy might just be the gateway Chicken Salt. Word on the street is that there might be something better out there. Something bright yellow, full of MSG and beef tallow. Maybe “Flavon”, maybe something else? Whatever it is, I need 2.2 lbs of the good shit and I need it in the good old US of A. Anybody have an opinion or a hook-up?

First off, try a search for “flavon chicken salt” on Ebay there in the US. I’m getting lots of hits, but I’m in Australia. Many of them are happy to ship to the States, but be aware that mail is taking anywhere from a month to two months for first class postage. And postage might be a bit pricey, as well.
There’s a number of stores that sell Aussie treats in America - see this for example.. That one does have chicken salt, but I saw a number of other stores on a quick search.

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For example, here’s a kilo of original chicken salt, with lots of other varieties as well, for 18AUD, with shipping to the States of 63AUD. Currently, 81AUD is about 62.61 USD.

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Both chicken salt and chippy salt are available on Amazon.

Man, I could raise a chicken, mine the salt, kill and salt the chicken and make into salt for less time and money. It just seems wrong that I can get free shipping from half of Asia but Australia is so expensive.

Okay, that was funny. One point for you.

Why do you want chicken tasting fries/chips anyway?

Too late on the edit. The why question wasn’t for ecg specifically, anyone can answer. I’m not a big salt user and don’t salt my fries, so why chicken salt? Why not garlic salt or koala salt or spider salt or drop bear salt? Chicken seems so mundane.

Sounds like Aromat. Except for the beef tallow part. It’s not actually chicken salt, but is chicken-salt-adjacent

Well, you’re in luck, 'cuz here’s a recipe!
And yeah, shipping US <> Australia is pricey. Of course, a lot of the Asian, especially Chinese, things are so cheap to make that they can offer free shipping and still make a goodly profit. Things made in the US and Australia have higher labor costs, so they have a tighter margin, or so I’d think.
Shipping is slow right now, because most mail travels on airlines, and there aren’t that many flights to and from Australia due to COVID restrictions.
Still, if you really like something, it may seem worth it to you. A kilo of salt would last a long time, after all.
Heck, I’m willing to order stuff I can’t get here from the States, or go through specialty online vendors. Things like Cheez-Its, Vernor’s ginger ale, etc. Not cheap, but worth it to me.

Koalas taste like eucalyptus, I’m sure. :smiley:
Anyway, it’s called chicken salt because it’s got chicken flavouring in it.

Huh. Didn’t come up when I checked Amazon US. Maybe I missed something.

How similar or different is chicken salt to bouillon powder like Knorr?

This paper refutes your assertion

Okay, it’s not Nobel level work, but it does merit a Pullet Surprise in my opinion.

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Here in the heartland, we rise with the chickens.

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Thanks for the help everyone. I’m thinking I’ll stick with the Chippy brand and buy bulk on a slow boat from Auz.

After doing a little more research, this a pretty regional and nostalgic thing for many Australians. There isn’t a “best” brand. It’s more about what you ate growing up. The Flavon and Mitani brands seem to be the most popular. They are also marketed as vegetarian friendly. The Chippy brand has “beef fat” listed as an ingredient. I don’t think this matters too much but the meaty umami flavor is what I’m really enjoying and I don’t want to take a chance with a bulk order.

As an aside: I ran into more than a few article claiming all chicken salt is vegetarian. This is not true. Yes the most popular brands are, but the Chook brand starts with ground up chicken powder as it’s first ingredient and many of the brands have at least some animal fats like bouillon would.

Don’t be a bludger - you can always mix your own chicken salt.