Chicken wings: wingette or drumette?

When you eat chicken wings, do you prefer the wingette (the flat middle section w/2 bones) or the drumette (the mini-drumstick)?

Personally I prefer the wingette. The skin tends to get crispier because it doesn’t have that bulb of fat that the drumette has, and the meat is always more tender and tastier.

Drumette – more meat and it’s easier to get to.

Drumette. My wife likes the wingette, so it all works out.

Drums are less work/mess with no discernible taste difference.

i beg to differ.

Unlike the rest of the chicken, the mini-drumstick tastes like white meat and the wingette tastes more like dark meat. I prefer the drumette because of that.

I like them both, but if I found someone who preferred the wingettes I’d be happy to just eat the drummies. My first choice, however, is not to share.

Wingette here. The meat seems more flavorful, I like the ratio of crispy skin to meat, and I enjoy pushing that bit of meat through the two bones.

Interesting. I always assumed that everyone preferred the wingette. I think that it has better flavor and texture. It also gives you a tongue exercise or middle finger exercise in order to get out the middle part. I know that this is not necessary if you use to 2 hands:

But I like to always keep one hand celan. I always thought that my friends were just being nice if they grabbed the drummette when wingettes were still available. I should’ve known.

I like to pull the bones apart and suck on each one in order to get every tasty bit.:smiley:

And I’m surprised in the other direction. I thought everyone preferred the drumette, since it’s easier to handle and eat around. Whenever I gather around to eat wings, it seems like I’m the only one eating the wingettes. I’m surprised it’s ahead in the poll so far. I would’ve guessed drumettes by a 2-to-1 margin.

ETA: Well, it’s broke even now 9 votes each for wingette and drumette.

I too would have thought that drumette would be the most popular given that some resauraunts (Hooters for one) will charge a little bit more for “All Drumsticks”. Personally I like both, the drummies for the ease of eating, and wingettes for taste.


Do the kids still say “Right-on”? How about “Far-out”? “Solid”? “Exactimundo”?

I think wingettes might actually have more flavor, but they’re so much more work that I went with drumettes.

Same with us.

I like wingettes. They’re a bit more work but the extra flavor is worth it.


I’ve been using this method to eat the wingettes for years, and ever since someone showed me, I’ve always preferred the wingettes over the drumettes. But then again, I’m a picker. I don’t eat the drumette like it’s an ear of corn. I pick the meat off the bone and then dip.

Oh poops. Half the fun of chicken wings is eating around/sucking the bones. That method deprives me of both!

I hate the idea of eating a sauce-covered item with my bare hands, and I’m not keen on piles of bones.

Beer and the lure of spicy chicken is often enough to break down these inhibitions, but not to the point of choosing pain-in-the-ass wings over drumsticks if there’s a choice.

ETA: Next time I will definitely try the bone-first method, that looks like a huge improvement.

Great question- I was asking this very question the other day at home. Wingettes are the best. The drumettes are too meaty.