Wings - Flats and Pegs??

So I was frequenting a local wing eatery (wingery?) a few days ago and I heard one of the waitstaff answering a question for someone at a nearby table. She used the phrase “flats and pegs” to describe to describe the number of wings included with an order. It makes a lot of sense that these are pegs and these are flats.

Has anyone ever heard this description before? Now that I’ve heard it, it’s going to stick in my head and I’ll always think of them as flats and pegs.

I’ve only heard flats and drumettes.

Is this thread meant to be humerus?

Drumette sounds like it came from the chicken marketing board. Peg, from Pirates of the Caribbean. There must be an industry term.

Flats and drums is what they’re called around here.


Mid-joint and drumlet.

I’m not in the restaurant business, though…

We’ve always called them “drumettes” (because that’s the obvious and natural name for them, or at least some variation thereof, at least to us), and '“that other part,” but I’ve heard “flats,” too. Never heard “peg” or “drums.” Don’t think I’ve ever seen the parts specified on a menu or otherwise, though.



I prefer flats, mrAru prefers drums so it works for us.

Wings are supposed to be better than tabs.

I sometimes hear the middle joint referred to as the “flapper”, but it was at Wal Mart so who knows.

I’ve never heard them called anything but wings. Why is there even a need to differentiate?

I never heard the term “flat” until this thread. I have heard “drums” and “wings” which can admittedly be confusing since the over all term is also wings.

People have preferences as to which part they prefer. I have a preference towards flats. My wife prefers the drum(mette)s. I vaguely even remember seeing a poll here as to preference.

ETA: Ah, yes. Here you go. About 80% of respondents showed a preference.

Yeah but they both taste like chicken.

Nah, they mostly taste like whatever they’re slathered in.

Anyone else prefer their wings on the dry and crispy side, instead of the restaurant standard of somewhere between plate-ready and a trifle undercooked, and so slathered with goo it makes BBQ look like a tidy eat?

Yes. If the skin isn’t extremely crispy, then wings are just a wet, slimy mess.

The flats are better and they don’t have those hoses and tubes.

Ah, so now we get into the almost tempestuous wet versus dry. That’s a whole 'nother conversation!

For what it’s worth, I like wet flats. :cool:

Yes! Very much! I hate sauce on wings. Hot wings are fine but it should be because the crispy skin is spicy not because it is drowned in hot sauce.