Wings - Flats and Pegs??

Were the “peglegs” that Long John Silver’s sold in the 1970s (and maybe still do) wing segments? Could this influence a regional or localized name for that seqment?

I like mine covered in hot sauce, I just want the wing to be cooked until crispy first.

Unless they’re not. A local place advertises that they have the biggest wings around. They are turkey wings and they are fantastic.

Turkey wings are underrated and I like it that way. This way I get to claim them every Thanksgiving with no arguments :slight_smile:

Yes, about Prohibition. I’m reading Daniel Okrent’s marvelous Last Call and the words “wet” and “dry” and their every synonym will never mean quite the same thing to me again.

But I prefer wings dry enough not to leave goop on my fingers, even if they’re saturated with whatever the rub or coating or sauce is. Tiny preference for drummityettes but flats have their cave-man pleasures.

A standard dinner for us is a flat of chicken legs (which are absurdly cheap - I don’t know why; wings are almost twice the cost per pound) done with wing-like rubs and sauces. Done right, it satisfies the jones for wings with a marginally healthier option (higher protein to skin and fat ratio, and they’re baked/grilled, not fried).

Fat “wings”: Take a big flat of legs, about 20-24. Wash and dump in a big bowl. Drain and/or toss dry against a towel. Pour a half cup or so of olive oil over the legs. Dump in a quarter cup of chili powder, two tablespoons of cumin, a healthy sprinkle of garlic powder and one to two tablespoons of salt. Toss well until the oil and spices are mixed and the legs are coated. Let stand as long as you can, tossing occasionally. Arrange on racks in big pan. Bake or Convection Roast for about an hour, turning once, until they are cooked to the bone but not quite table-ready. Finish (winter) under a low broiler, turning two or three times, or (summer) on a medium grill.

I can’t be the only one with Foggy Mountain Breakdown running through their head now.

Really? I keep hearing the line about frog wings from Hudsucker Proxy.

Bingo. I have a few requirements for what I want in a deep-fried wing:

  1. It must be crispy.

  2. It must not be anemic. I don’t necessarily want to super-sized wings that I often see in Buffalo, New York, where it’s obvious the chickens are hitting the gym, but I want a reasonable amount of meat to them. Still, the key is the crispy skin and a good ratio between skin and meat. The beauty of the wing and why I love it is for the skin. Otherwise, I don’t see the point in eating wings.

  3. In order not to violate #1, sauce needs to be tastefully applied. Extra sauce can be served on the side for those who want more sauce. (I will often order my wings medium so I could share with everyone and have whatever the hottest sauce available is on the side for my dipping pleasure.)

  4. In order not to violate #1, wings must come to the table within minutes of exiting the fryer, because even a light application of sauce will ruin the crispy integrity of the skin.

  5. No breading or batter except in special situations. (I admit, there are a couple of wings from fried chicken places I like with breading, and those I order dry with sauce on the side. It’s not what I think of as a standard hot wing, though.)

It’s amazing how many places fuck up rule #1. If you can’t turn out a sufficiently crispy wing, and your entire business model is based on hot wings, you have failed. (I’m looking at you BW3!)

Now I also enjoy the jerk wings I make cooked over the grill, but those are a separate class of wings. Those have their own minor rules, too.

LOL, we cut off the turkey wings and add them to the giblets and neck to make stock for moistening the dressing - we dollop the internal leaf fat we pull out of the cavities on top of the dressing when we cook it [we bake it outside the bird so the bird cooks faster.]

I like my chicken wings to be fried nice and crispy, and when we order them from a pizza joint to be brought home we ask for them no sauce and drop them in the frywell when they get home to recrisp them then we make our own wing sauce [I am from outside Buffalo and am accustomed to the proper [Anchor Bar sauce](Classic Buffalo Wings Recipe).] Oh, and actual blue cheese dressing, not that ranch crap. Add in ice cold celery sticks and it makes a meal.

Oh, yes and 6) no ranch. I actually don’t dip the wings in the blue cheese usually, just the celery sticks.