ChiDopers- Gimmie info on the Cubs players

So, I’m writing a kid’s book for my li’l nephew. He’s not old enough to read yet, but his mom and dad will be reading it for him. They’re big Cubs fans, and they’ve got him all sorts of little cubs outfits and toys and the like.
Anyway, as the story I’m writing is going to be about the little tyke saving the day for the beleagured Cubs and taking them to the World Series, I suddenly realized I should post here, as I really know nothing about the players on the team. Can anyone give me some ideas as to personality / traits of some of the players, so that I might include them? I’m looking for things like:

X player hits well in the clinch, is known to like a certain restaurant, and has been quoted as saying ‘y’.

Z player is a whiner.

That sort of thing.

Would this be more productive if I put it in a different forum?

I mean no offense with this, but I’m proceeding as if you know very little about baseball.

Well, pitcher Carlos Zambrano’s nickname is “Baby Bull.” He’s a big, strong right-hander who can also knock the hell out of the ball. Odd to see a pitcher who can hit for power, AND hit from both sides of the plate.

Mark Prior is a pitcher who seems to have bad luck when it comes to injuries. He’s been hurt while having a player run into him, and took a line drive off of his pitching elbow last season. He also has huge calfs, earning him the nickname “Calfzilla.” You can see them here.

Greg Maddux is known as “The Professor,” and is probably one of, if not the, best pitchers in the game (at least during his prime). He’s a fantastic fielder, having won several Gold Glove awards (the award given to the best fielder at each position), and is one of the most efficient and successful pitchers in the game.

The Cubs just acquired Juan Pierre (sounds strange, dunnit? A Latino first name, and a French surname), who runs like the wind, and has a habit of wearing his cap a little cock-eyed.

Cubs pitcher (their “closer.” The person who comes in and gets the last three outs of a close game) Ryan Dempster is the comedian of the group. He once wore a Captain America costume to a hockey game.

If I can think of more, I’ll post them.

Try novella-izing Rookie of the Year. Little Boy (well, kinda) saves the day for the Cubs and (I don’t remember the ending).

It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but I THINK that the kid’s arm gets hurt and reverts to normal, and he manages to actually pitch his way out of trouble.

Yeah, I remember him slipping on a ball and landing on his arm and then it goes back to normal. I just don’t remember what happens after that, or if they were in the playoffs or the world series or what. I start seeing people getting up and flapping their arms like on Angels in the Outfield, and then I realize I’m in the wrong movie.

Doesn’t he do the old “it’s not the ball, it’s really my resin bag in my glove” routine?

That’s illegal in baseball. You can’t step on the mound (and, more specifically, the rubber) without possesion of the ball.

He lobs the ball way up in the air the same way his mom softball-tossed his toothpaste to him at the airport, and the big, mean hitter can’t put his bat on the ball.

Yeah, that doesn’t deserve a spoiler tag. Don’t novelize it.