Why Cubbies Why?!!!

:mad: :mad: :mad:
Gosh darn it! (pardon my language.)

Why can’t cant those gosh darn Cubs relievers save a gosh darn game! :mad: :mad: I can’t believe Mark Prior strikes out 16 batter in 8 innings, sits down with the lead, and for the sceond day in a row the Cubs relief pithing can’t finish the gosh darn freakin’ game! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


I once read a column by Andy Cotton in which he said that raising one’s children to be Cubs fans should legally be considered child abuse since it inevitably leads to let down after let down.

:mad: :mad:

The Cubs stink and I feel so abused. :mad: :mad: :mad: They’re only in first place so that their loyal, sucker fans will get sucked into rooting for them, even though we know they’ll hang on only to lose at the end, and crush our little hearts, and expect us to follow them agian next year when they’ll invariably lose 95 games and make us all feel like dopes, and lose hope them completely, at least until they show signs of life again when they sucker us back in again:mad: :mad: and of course lose like they always do.:mad: :mad:

Why why why why why couldn’t I be raised a Yankees fan?
:mad: :mad: :mad:

I just ran yoyo’s smilies through an old IBM punchcard computer, and it came up “Sox suck”.

Because your parents wanted you to be a human being.

Why Munch, that was gratuitous. :slight_smile:

Wrong Sox, WL. I wouldn’t disparage the Red Sox.

There’s a guy at my office who’s always whining about his Red Sox, but I have to remind him that the Red Sox have won a pennant in his lifetime. And that they lost, well, what did they expect fielding an ex-Cubs player at first base…

Hey Oakland fans, you didn’t learn about the Cub Factor when you put had an ex-Cubbie on mound against Kirk Gibson? It always gets me that the big World Series flubs seem to have ex-Cubs players involved. Talk about a curse. The last time the won the World Series, my great-grandparents were still teenagers in the Old Country.

One day the Cubs will win the World Series without realizing they forgot to blow it. (that year will be 2008) Then the next year, 3 wins.

a joke I heard…

A teacher was starting a new job in Houston. The first day, wanting to get the kids on the same page, she asked the class “Who is an Astros’ Fan?” All the little hands in the class went up, except one little girl in the corner.

“Why Tammy, aren’t you an Astros Fan?”

“No” the little girl replied.

“Why not?” queried the teacher.

“Because” she said, “my mom is from Chicago, my Dad is from Chicago, and they both like the Cubs, and I like the Cubs too”

“Well” said the teacher, “You don’t have to do EVERYTHING your parents do, I mean what if your mom was a chain smoking, white trash prostitute, and your dad was a drug addicted, woman beatng, thief? What then?”

“Then” the little girl said with conviction “They’d be White Sox fans”

Ha! Imagine my pain as an Angels fan. Having your team win the World Series after long suffering and then having a mediocre team the next year. You Cubs and Red Sox fans just don’t understand the disappointment.

Because we can. Would you be interested in buying some bleacher tickets? Only $130 and your first-born.

I paid $30 for my bleacher seats last Labor Day when I was in Chicago. Front row. Caught a home run. Best stadium ever!

Actually, most Cubs fans are also Bulls fans, and I for one don’t feel disappointed by the pathetic Bulls, what with them winning 6 championships in 8 years. That will keep me satified for at least another decade or two.

With the Cubs, I think just knowing that they won it even once in my lifetime will be gratifying. Then they can be mediocre for all I care.

Yeah, I was just trying to rub it in.

Kansas City Royals’ fans understand. You’ve got years of pain left… trust me.

They’re running out of days in June, and still hadn’t swooned yet.

I’d like to thank Dusty Baker for pulling Mark Prior, concerned about his pitch count, and letting the bullpen blow the game. Even with the best 1-2 starting pitchers in the NL, they still can’t hold onto first place.

Go Cards.

I think the problem is that the Cubs expect Joe Borowski to be the next Eric Gagne, and it just ain’t happenin. That said, I hope you keep letting Borowski try to save games, as he’s gotten a 15+ for my fantasy team :slight_smile:

Because you keep sending people to Miller park to cheer Brewer losses. God hate the Cubs I think.

Go Richie!


Of course, the difference there is the Angels’ owner isn’t an evil prick who doesn’t care about the team.


I guess the consolation in watching teams like the Brewers and the Cards beat the Cubs is that at least I don’t have to live in places like Milwaukee or St. Louis. Not that those aren’t really really run towns to live in…

Hey yoyo, don’t be too quick to tar Dennis Eckersley with “Cubness.” He was an Indian and a Red Sox before going to the Cubs.

Mike Royko made up that “Cubness” thing (ie, when it comes to picking a World Series winner, pick the team with the fewest ex-Cubs). While its cute and funny, it is just shows Chicago Cub fan provincialism. Before I buy it, I’d like to see a study from the Society for Baseball Research comparing how a team with too many ex-Cubs compares with a team of ex-Indians, Red Sox or Padres.

RexDart, this might be the year the Cubs hang around past the usual June Swoon and torture their fans into September, when the Cardinals kick it into high gear and the Cubbies collapse. I’ll win my traditional bet with my Cub fan buddy and be eating a thick steak dinner again on his tab.

Maybe I ought to with lobster this year. Steak is getting kind of old after all these years.