Chiefs player kills girlfriend then commits suicide at Arrowhead stadium [Merged thread]

Jovan Belcher’s gf Kasandra Perkins had their baby Sept 11. Not quite 3 months ago. Poor kid lost them both.

I hope one of the grandparents is able to raise the child.

Apparently Ms. Perkins’ mother was there too, and has the baby.

Hopefully the child is too young to remember them well. Or is that horrible?:frowning:

I think the safest assumption would be that neither steroids nor concussions were involved, if only because he was still a young guy and it generally takes a while for those brain injuries to take their toll. My bet is that it’s just an aggressive guy who got in an escalating argument with his girlfriend that ended horribly, then he couldn’t live with it.

It would be most unusual to remember much of anything from your first 3 months.

Dying was the best thing that could happen to him

If he didn’t kill himself, he’d just be THAT DAMN THUG WHO WENT CRAZY AND SHOT HIS GIRLFRIEND, he’d go to jail forever and he’d basically be like OJ Simpson

But since he’s dead now, everyone talks about what a great guy he was, conveniently ignoring the fact that HEY THIS GUY SHOT AND KILLED HIS GIRLFRIEND

Pretty brilliant, really.

They’re saying he seemed like a good guy before and they’re shocked he did this. Nobody’s ignoring anything from what I’ve seen.

Reports say the gf went to R&B star Trey Songz’s concert and came back late. That triggered a violent argument and the shooting. I’m guessing Jovan Belcher was the jealous type.

From the Yahoo article:

His family turned the front yard into a shrine, with a large poster of Belcher, an array of his trophies, and jerseys and jackets from Kansas City, Maine and West Babylon High.
Umm, what??? The man just killed his child’s mother because she was late coming home from a concert. That’s worse than people cheering on OJ during the police chase like he was running down the field for a touchdown.

It’s his family, give them a break. They’re not going to stop mourning the loss of their son just because it was a murder-suicide rather than just a suicide.

Apparently it was his mother who was there, visiting from New York to see the baby, not her mother.

The man is guilty of murder as well as leaving his kid without a mother or father. The family shouldn’t be building a shrine to him.

I would certainly mourn the loss of someone who killed themselves, and I would, inside, mourn the loss of a family member who murdered someone.

But to create and allow a public shrine to a murderer? I find that troubling to say the least. Celebrating the life of a man who killed his girlfriend just doesn’t sit right with me. I know everyone will be looking for excuses (CTE, steroids), but they don’t excuse the fact that he murdered a woman, leaving her infant baby without a mother.

The fact the guy had a happy public face and played professional football doesn’t change the fact he is a murderer. And, to me, murderers shouldn’t be having shrines.

I’m sure that’s true. I’m also sure that if it were your kid, you probably wouldn’t give a god damn what people said on the internet about it, and if that’s the way you mourn the loss of your child you do what you do to cope.

Absolutely correct. And it jibes with my prosecutorial experience of a mother’s ability to overlook overwhelming evidence and reality itself to deny that her son had done a horrible act.

That doesn’t make it right.

They’re allowed to mourn the guy even though he snapped and died doing something horrible. I might argue that’s part of what they’re mourning: not only the death of the man himself, but of their idea of him as a good person.

And, again, I have no problem with the mourning. What I have a problem with is creating and allowing a large, loud, public display celebrating the life of a murderer.