Chiefs player kills girlfriend then commits suicide at Arrowhead stadium [Merged thread]

The details of this are just coming out, but what a tragedy. Reports indicate Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend, then drove to Arrowhead stadium where he turned a gun on himself after being confronted by team staff.

There are other hints coming out that his suicide was in front of Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli. That’s going to be hard for either man to come to terms with.

Breaking story here. LB Jovan Belcher killed his poor girlfriend after a domestic argument, drove to Arrowhead, and killed himself in front of the coaching staff.

Apparently the Chiefs’ home game against the Panthers is going to go on as scheduled tomorrow. What a tough situation for the team.

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Of course anyone can freakin’ flip but when I hear things like this about athletes, I can’t help but think steroids were involved. Probably because the one time I witnessed 'roid rage, it stuck with me.

Not sure about steroids, but I hope they check his brain. If he’s like any number of football players, the thousands of sub-concussive hits, much less outright concussions, could very well have contributed to this sort of behavior.

What a tragic situation all around, in any case.

I think I’m going to hell, because the first thing I did was make sure to start Steve Smith in fantasy.

I’m pretty sure Jovan Belcher sought out his coach when he was in trouble. I know my coaches were people that I relied on when troubled. Good coaches are like father figures to players. Thankfully I never had this kind of trouble in my life.

Reports say Jovan thanked his coach before shooting himself. Not much else he could do. Dying is better than life in prison for murder. He was a dead man walking right after he killed his gf and he knew it.

Tough thing for the coach and GM to witness. It’ll take awhile to get over a tragedy like this.

There may well be something to the concussion angle. Kinda reminds me of the Chris Benoit situation a few years ago.


I’ll be there with you too Larry, because my second thought was, “Does he start for the Chiefs?” Do I have anybody going against them this week?" They call us fantasy degenerates for a reason… Looks like he was a starting LB, not that the Chiefs D was worth a crap this year.

What a horrible thing for his family, his friends, and his teammates. This may be ghoulish, but I hope the fatal wound preserved enough of his brain to determine if he, like Chris Henry, was a CTE sufferer. Perhaps there may be a sliver of good to come out of this tragedy?

Well my first thought was: I wouldn’t want to play for the Chiefs, either.

Is there any comparable situation in the past that indicates whether they may postpone tomorrow’s game? On the one hand, it seems like an overreaction, but I must say I know nothing about how bad this must have been for everyone, especially the coaches.

I wonder if shooting yourself in the head harms the chances of your brain tissue being properly examined? In any event, I hate situations like these where somebody kills someone (or several someones) before taking their own life. If someone wishes to kill themself, do so, just please don’t take others down with you. Their poor daughter.

This is just a shocking and awful story. Very sad.

I don’t know if it makes a CTE examination totally impossible, but it has to reduce the chances a great deal, yes. Dave Duerson shot himself in the chest so his brain could be examined. Junior Seau killed himself the same way, although I don’t know for sure if that was the reason.

The game is expected to go on as scheduled, by the way.

Apparently his girlfriend’s mother was in the house when he shot and killed her, not to mention the 3-year-old daughter. Then the coaching staff has to watch him blow his brains out. Seriously, how in the hell does this happen? 'Roids or concussion induced, maybe he was just insane.

The game will be played as scheduled, the precedent being 2010, when the Broncos played six days after Kenny McKinley committed suicide.

The Cardinals-Cubs game scheduled for immediately after Darryl Kile’s (non-violent) death was postponed.

They could delay the game by a day, although I am not sure that would really matter to anyone. The only other option would be canceling it; they can’t reschedule it. Given those choices I guess I understand if they feel they might as well play tomorrow.

Don’t forget, the NFL played a full, uninterrupted schedule the Sunday after JFK was assasinated.

Of course, Rozelle later called the decision the worst he’d ever made.