Child pornographer way too close to my nephew and great-niece.

There’s been a large kiddie porn bust in Edmonton, in an apartment building that one of my nieces lived in with her four-year-old daughter until last month.

I’m a tiny bit anxious about this because my niece isn’t exactly an attentive mother and apparently often leaves the kid with friends in the building to go out partying and whatnot. My sister has given her shit in the past for letting her running around nekkid in the common areas of the apartment, or on the balcony. :smack:

In a bizarre coincidence, my other niece, (the one who can do no wrong :)) is getting married this week to a swim coach who worked with this scumbag when he volunteered for the World Masters Games, having no idea that he was a resident in my other niece’s building (or that he was a kiddie perv, of course.) According to my sister, my niece’s future husband (who is by all accounts the best of all possible people) sometimes took my nephew (her son, who is incomprehensibly the same age as my great-niece) along to his coaching activities. Future-husband-of-niece says, according to her, that he couldn’t stand the guy and that nephew was never around him unsupervised. Naturally, I guess, even if the guy wasn’t a creep.

Now, my sister has a habit of exaggerating things for drama, so I’m looking forward to my trip to Edmonton in a couple of days, so’s I can get the straight dope from more reliable sources – but at the very least it’s confirmed that the creep lived in the building that my first niece did, and that he was a volunteer for the games. (Though there are certainly a lot of volunteers that never cross paths, so I’ll wait for super-fiance to weigh in on whether or not he ever actually met him.)

Anyway, one thing’s certain – I’m glad that this scumbag has been found out.