Child Support Question

Just curious:

I have a friend who is getting ready to go through a divorce in the state of Ohio. They are a male, have 1 child and make about 50,000 dollars a year. Any ideas on how much child support can be expected to pay?

It’s not really possible to predict the amount that might be awarded without getting more detailed information about what your friend’s family situation. Has the custody agreement been worked out? What kind of income does his wife have? Are there any special circumstances the court might consider (if the child has any extraordinary needs, for example).

That said, this site has some useful information about Ohio child support guidelines. It says, in part:

You’ll note that the amounts given are for combined gross income, and that the support is provided by both parents according to each one’s income.

These sites have a lot more information about Ohio law:

Family Law Advisor® Ohio Child Support FAQ’s
Ohio Office of Child Support

Yeah, it would be complex…But try this book too, just search for it at it also gives you a list of other books worth reading:
Child Custody Made Simple: Understanding the Law of Child Custody and Child Support
by Webster Watnik