Children are starting to piss me off.

So i was at the doctor today for a routine check-up. However, I went on the worst possible day, as it was flu shot day, and it seems as if every child under seven in Montgomery County was there. And they all proceeded to scream their asses off. I mean, goddamn, I understand that kids are apprehensive about shots, but these ones completely lost their shit. One was all was all “AAH!!! AAH!!! SHOTS!! NOO!!! I HATE THIS PLACE!!! AIEEE!!!”, as if the doctor was shoving red-hot pokers up her ass. Damn, when I was little I cried a little, but I knew to keep my shit together in a public place. Sorry, needed to rant.

You’re just jealous because you can’t talk to your doctor that way.

Oh wait, that’s me.

Pit the parents, not the kids, at this age.

It’s good to be scared of needles.

Heroin addiction is a bummer.

Take comfort in the fact that they’re all gonna catch teh autism from those vaccines, though that might not help with the screaming…

As a child I had the best of all possible pediatricians, Dr. Crouch.

He’d talk to us like Donald Duck, make balloon animals, or tell jokes and recite silly poems.

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To get her little girl a dress.
When she got there,
The cupboard was bare,
And so was the little girl, I guess!

He’d start telling a story and just at the most exciting part he’d give the shot. We never saw him getting the hypo ready.

I remember getting a little whimpery once or twice, but I don’t remember hearing other kids screaming.

People give kids flu shots now?

Yes. Not all kids, but usually kids with asthma and other higher risk kids. If the kids are screaming etc, I’d look askance at the parents. It’s one thing to not want a shot, but age 7 is a bit old for out of control yelling. 18 months to about 5 is more the time you get screaming.

<snort> When I was fifteen, I hadn’t gotten the chicken pox and my pediatrician decided I should get the vaccine. I wasn’t screaming or anything, but I was so obviously apprehensive that some little kid walked by and said, “Mama, what’s she getting?!”

Yep. And me. I work with kids and am self employed. (My own English school.) Four years ago I got flu and was off work for nearly two weeks. I was absolutely wiped out physically and financially. Then I had to work two weeks of my scheduled holidays to make up the lessons. I will never go without a flu shot again!

My elder son has severe asthma and every year since he was a baby he has had the flu shot. And EVERY YEAR for the past FOUR YEARS he has caught the flu - ARRRGH! Only one time resulted in hospitalisation, but still, ARRRRGH! Three years ago I took him in and said I thought he had flu, so please could we wait in the plague room rather than the open waiting room with all the babies waiting for their well-baby checks. I was poo-pooed and told that flu hadn’t hit our town yet. I insisted on a swab being taken and a little while later the doctor came out of his room looking sheepish saying, “Congratulations, first in the town.” Grrrr.

Sorry, hijacked. Just to keep it on track, you would HATE to be there when we are…

And just to keep this slightly on track, my 11 year old was a screamer (I mean absolute raving hysterics) up until this past year. He has had anaphylaxis four or five times thanks to a nut allergy, and each time has resulted in him being stuck many times in an increasingly rough manner as his blood vessels narrowed making the stick impossible. (They cut him a couple of times - not sure what they did as I was at the head end…) Each time was a very physical process being rushed off to the hospital, grabbed, stripped and stuck, so he developed a phobia of needles. Getting any kind of needle into him when he wasn’t sick or weak took three or four people holding him down, lots of screaming, kicking and sweating.

What PISSED me off each time was me going to a new doctor and saying quietly that he has a needle phobia, so please to just get the stuff all ready, pin him down and do it. Each one thought he was just so clever and could reason his way into calming my kid down enough to comply. Each time was an hour-long screaming, sobbing, sweat-fest, usually resulting in my getting injured while trying to hold him down.

Thank goodness suddenly in the last year he has been able to control his fears enough to cope with a blood draw with just going pale, nearly fainting, and crying copious tears. But we were all so proud of him! And he of himself!

Have you considered carrying a red hot poker?

Just sayin’.

My pediatrician did the Donald Duck voice too! He rocked.

Anybody older than about 40 remember what shots USED to be like? Before disposable needles?


Yeah, and tattoos… …never mind. I don’t think I want to go there.

Our pediatrician recommends flu shots for all children, starting at 6 months. They give the flu mist for ages 2 and up. I just got the little card in the mail. I don’t bother with my older son, but my younger son, who has asthma-tendencies, will get a shot.

I wish I had had a doctor that distracted me before I got a shot. I’ve been needlephobic since I was 4. I split my chin open flying off a merry-go-round and had to get stitches. The only thing I remember from the doctor’s office was some guy coming at my face with a needle about eight feet long. Let me tell you, that was some fun times when I later developed a disease that required IV drugs almost every week. And no, constant exposure to needles did not decrease the phobia. I’ve just learned to bring my own distractions with me.

I just read in Newsweek that the CDC is now recommending flu shots for all kids ages 6 months to 18 years. I’m out of date–sorry about that!

I didn’t mind shots, Eye Drops however…

took 4 nurses to hold me down when I was fiveish.