Children International & Related Charities

Hail to the board.

To state this as succinctly as possible, recently I saw another television spot for Children International (I think that’s the one), you know, the really earnest guy telling you what you can do for $15 a month interspersed with close ups of cute kids with huge ‘anime’ eyes. Essentially, I’d like to learn more about charities like this one preferably from anyone whose worked for them or participated in them. I’ve seen Children International specifically get a pretty good rating from a ‘charity evaluator’ website/organization, but I mean, I don’t want to give someone money and have them feed back heartwarming lies.

I think it’s just the style of the advertisement that sets off warning bells to me, I don’t want to sponsor missionaries (of any religion or culture) but if they’re legit…

Anyway, I know this board covers a wide range of fairly intelligent people (Hmmm, I wanted that to sound like a compliment but I don’t think I got the wording quite right) so if anyone can give me something concrete to go on I’d really appreciate it.


You can read the report on any ‘real’ U.S. based charity at They have mostly financial/tax information there.