Children's book ID twofer

Two books from my childhood (so, '70’s or earlier) that I want to remember so I can find them for my kids.

A boy living in a remote household (in the Alps or similar, I think?) follows his beloved horse, who is near death, into the twelve houses of the Zodiac. If he can get round the whole Zodiac he can save the horse’s life. In the end he suceeds in his task, but chooses to let the horse die and become a chariot-horse in the sun’s chariot, rather than drag him back to an unhappy work-filled life on earth.

A book in which cats can find their way into other worlds by slipping through “gaps” in out of the way places which generally only they can see. Can’t remember another thing about it.

I know the Dope won’t let me down!

The first one is “Ludo and the Star Horse” by Mary Stewart, I think.

And this may be Grimbold’s Other World

Yes, and yes.

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We’re not worthy! we’re not worthy!

Glad to help - the zodiac horse one was pretty easy to google - the cats were a lot harder

Wow…now I want to read those! :smiley: <I am far beyond childhood…physically, anyhoo> :stuck_out_tongue: