Children's book with a duck

Here’s an obscure one - but I bet Dopers can do it.

My daughter is trying to remember the name of a pair of pet ducks from her childhood. One was “Ping” from The Story About Ping . The other was named for some other duck somewhere in children’s literature. We know it wasn’t “Make Way for Ducklings” but we’re drawing a total blank on what it might have been.

Any idea what book with a waterfowl protagonist I might have read to a young girl in the late 80’s or early 90s?

I was a young girl in the 80s and I had a copy of the “The Ugly Duckling” Little Golden Book.

Jemima? Amos? Dinky? Churkendoose? Lucky? Dawdle?

The Little Quack series? The ducks were named Widdle, Waddle, Piddle, Puddle, & Little Quack.

Edit: Apparently they were written in the mid 2000s, so probably not.

Tinker the Hole-Eating Duck from 1979?

Beatrix Potter’s Jemima Puddle-Duck?

I’m leaning toward Jemima, but she says that’s not it. Definitely that level of a fairly simple story, with a clearly named main avian character.

Thanks so far - any more ideas welcome!

I actually remembered another one from my childhood–Petunia.