Childrens Books...gone "wrong".

Make the beginning of a generic sounding
childrens book. Then cut it off,
just as it starts to go “wrong”…
Once upon a time,
there was princess who longed for a prince!
she would spend all her time locked in a tower,
pleasuring herself with various-

Pinkly-piggy left the house one morning.
He headed off to market,
where the wheat was fresh,
and the street was lined with prostitutes who-

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub,
who utlitzed the “missionary” position while-

In the forest of the windy woods,
there lived a witch,
who possessed infinite beauty,
other than the fact she had male genetilia and-

I think Monty Python covered this area before.

Otherwise, Welcome to the Dope!

Uncle nasties something-or another some children’s book? Wasn’t that the goon squad?

“Goon Show”, not squad. :smack: