China tells living Buddhas to obtain permission before they reincarnate

This could be an Onion article.

I am stunned.

You know, if there ever was a time where (a) Buddha needed to start smiting…

I actually recognize this. I childishly don’t have a cite, and I think I remember reading it in the China Daily anyway so it probably doesn’t count, but this is not a new thing. The Qing Emperors did the exact same ritual, what with the writing names and putting them in a ball and drawing them out at random.

I know the one-party system is pretty mean, but do we really want it to be replaced with a theocracy based on finding random kids and worshipping them, even if it is based on national determinism?

How do they know if someone has reincarnated without their permission? Do they keep tabs on theirs souls with tracking devices or something?

I’ve already had spitballs thrown at me over Chinese regulation in my thread in Great Debates, so I’m not getting involved in this Tibetan dance. I don’t want to spread myself too thinly.

I’m sure that there won’t be any punishment for actually reincarnating, only against admitting (claiming) to have reincarnated.

And what happens if they break the law? Are they executed?

If you meet the Buddha on the road, check his permit.

I don’t think Buddhists worship any Buddha, even a living one, technically…

As if those are the only two options.

Will they set up a system so they can check in for lack of a permit during routine traffic stops?

The law doesn’t take effect until September 1st. Get all your reincarnating done by then, and you’re all good.

Of course, initially, this is just absurd, and made me laugh. To the Tibetan system, reincarnation is a proven way of being as a human, and quite logical in it’s very long time of observance. I don’t understand it completely, but the more I read of ancient texts, the more I understand it, bit by bit. Mostly, in reading, I very much respect it, and realize there’s a whole lot to be learned.

So, the Chinese Government putting a registration on reincarnation in regards to Tibetan tradition is as stupid as having everyone in the US having to register their babies with the Government when they concieve. How would that go over here?

Actually, it’s worse, because it is a political ploy. The Dalai Lama is aging, and China wants to control who the next Tibetan Head of State will be. And, it’s stupid. They may be able to dictate their puppet, but Tibetans will just be more secretive and find the next leader in better terms underground, and carry on that lineage. It’s a pretty amazing system of knowledge, from what bits I understand. If that knowledge brought as much money as oil, the US would be bushwhacking China something awful for their offenses.

No, it’s dumber than that. It’s like cracking down on illegal soul-smuggling – except the US is a secular government, while China is an openly atheistic government, which thus is requiring permits for an event that it does not believe happens. Make sense?

well, that may be better than watery tarts distributing swords…

(/ obligatory Monty Python reference)

(apologies to all.
But I just. couldn’t. resist. ) :slight_smile:

“Whats in the baggy, eh? A little Reincarnation Instant Budda…?” :eek:
I can’t see traffic stops being effective unless they are expecting waves of Roadside Birthers.

And the Minister of Labor says “Here, now. We’ll have None of That!”


So often, when government and religion interact, the result is Deep Stupidity.

when bodhisitras are outlawed, only bodhi-atmas will be oulaws!

With apologies to sanskrit readers (still a good pun)…


Good point. A better analogy might be if the United States passed a law saying that Santa Claus must get permission from the FAA before he starts his yearly toy-distribution. And it was not done as a joke.

Besides, I remember hearing that the Dalai Lama has promised that he will not reincarnate any place under Chinese rule.