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I’m not an astrology buff but TLL has made note of my Chinese symbol, the ox, after reading it on a menu in a restaurant. Don’t the chinese use a lunar calendar though with a movable new year? Is there a published chart that shows how chinese symbols map to the Gregorian calendar?
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That’s the part I already know sailor, but since the Chinese new year isn’t the same as the western calendar you can’t say that all of 1961 corresponds to a single year in the chinese calendar.

I am not clear about your question then. The Chinese new year day coincides with the new moon between late January and late February. The do not have 12 signs of the horoscope. They have five signs (gold, water, etc) which are pretty complex and not related directly to month or anything like that. They have intercalar months. Check out

As far as my experience on the issue goes:
When calculating your sign in the Chinese horoscope, the year starts at 12 februari. That is how it is done in books published in the West.
I don’t know how it is done by the Chinese themselves though, but I guess there is no discrepancy otherwise the authors of the Western books would be aware of it.

So if you are born before 12 februari 1961, you belong to the previous sign.

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Thanks Sailor, I hadn’t been able to find the new year rule for the varying new year’s day.

Aldebaran, that’s what I was trying to clear up. It’s a lunar calendar so the new year will be a different solar day every year. That first web page Sailor linked contradicts itself by stating in once place that new year’s day is Feb 12 but giving varying future dates somewhere else.

right for example…i was born January 14 1982, the year of the Dog. But the Chinese year 1982 didnt start until mid-febuary. Therefore even though i was born in 82 my sign is 81, the year of the Rooster.

Yes it varies, just like our Muslim calendar. And as we see on that website - presuming it is correct in its information : The Chinese do keep in account the exact day of the new year to calculate their horoscope sign.

Probably the Western books who give indication about “your sign” are inaccurate because of lazyness of the editors to do some calculation.
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That doesn’t seem right. The Winter Solstice is a fixed solar event, but the Chinese New Year varies a lot.

This site gives to ways to calculate the date of Chinese New Year:

Easter day is calculated in a similar fashion, and the date also varies a lot.

Because it’s based not just on the Solstice, but the phases of the moon. The second New Moon after the Solstice can differ in when it hits by ~ a month.