"Chinese PLA to Try out Winter Draft Psycho Tests"

they really are, read all about it http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/200211/18/print20021118_106991.html :slight_smile:

I thought young Chinese recruits weren’t supposed to have brothers or sisters.

People in rural areas, or from certain ethnic minorities, are frequently allowed a second child, especially if the first was a girl.

When I click on this link, it creates a dialogue box that asks “Print Now?” with options “OK” and “Cancel”. I never like to click on dialogue boxes from websites I don’t know. I’m running FIrefox 2.5.8 with pop-ups blocked. The only way to get rid of the site and the dialogue box is to use Task Manager to kill Firefox.

This may seem like a hijack, but it seems that the link should have a warnng. Or is my concern misguided? Is clicking on “Cancel” for a dialogue box always safe? I understood that the text on the dialogue didn’t necessarily have anything to do with the action taken because of the click.

No to mention multiple births or parents that just decide to buy there way out of the policy.

What’s the point of this thread? Why is the Chinese Army making its soldiers pass psych tests surprising or even worthy of comment?

My theory is that he though that it was **psychic **testing… :slight_smile:
But I think it is because in English Psycho is slang for a person who is either psychopathic or psychotic.

People’s Daily should find people with better command of the English language, that’s what.

“Do you ever feel the desire to hover in the air, taunting those that oppose you?”