Chinese Prodemocracy Rallies, 1980-90

I’m trying to decide on a topic for a history paper, and I’d always wanted to research the Tiananmen Square incident. After finding a little bit on it, I decided to expand my topic to (as you can see) the pro Democracy movement in China through the 80’s.

Right now, I’m just looking for a brief (two or three pages), accurate (no geocities :p) bit of reading to see if the topic is something I’d like to do as my main idea - but Googling hasn’t turned up anything… I know you guys are great at this kind of stuff, so… Help! :slight_smile:

Best thing you can do is rent a copy of the Gate of Heavenly Peace documentary by Hinton. She gives a 100 years of history and context to 1989, and every group involved there be it students, leaders or press get looked at warts and all. Very balanced as to what went on

You can also check out Fox Butterfield’s Alive in the Bitter Sea to get some reporter views of the democracy wall movement.

Sometimes the good old Library beats the Internet anytime. Try researching at your near-by library.

Yeah, I’m definitely going to be looking at books, but right now I’m looking for short sources - to see if it’s what I want to do.

Actually, information on Deng Xiaoping[sic] would be nice, if anyone could help… I’ve found a bit more on him on Google and in Encyclopedias…