Chinese translation needed (Singapore dialect)

Can any one translate the below transliterated statement?

“Lum Par Kay Teo…Bay Tar Han”

It is kind of an in joke with a friend. I think it is a Singapore dialect (Hakka? Cantonese?) It certainly doesn’t look Mandarin.


I might have found the “lum par” bit here. And a similarity here:

My Singaporean friend of Chinese Descent says:

“my balls got into a jam… can’t stand it…”

The “kay teo” bit, I would have translated as “choked” or “clogged”, but the general meaning is there. Actually, depending on context, I would guess it had the same meaning as “blue balls”?

“Buay ta han” I would translate as “(I) can’t take it any more/(I) can’t stand it any more”, literally “cannot endure”.

Incidentally, “lum par” is a bit crude. But I’m sure you knew that. :wink: