Chip and Dip Kung Fu

There are two types of chip and dip eating people in this world. Those who like chips and will occasionally dip them in various dips (I think of them as chippies), and those who view the chip solely as a dip delivery device - A necessary evil that must be crunched up with the dip because it’s rude to stick your fingers in the dip and slurp it off of them (the** dippies**) .

I love a good dip, and my chip functions as an edible utensil. I will always have a 1/2 basket of chips left, while my dip bowl will be empty.

What’s your chips-n-dip kung fu?

Meh. On my cheat days I break out my silver dessert spoons. PB on my left, a dip on my right. To hell with chips.

(Does this make me a gulp spoonie?)

It depends on the chip and the dip. If the chip is already flavored, or if it is a good quality potato chip, then I am after the flavor of the chip, and so add the dip only as a bit of enhancement. If it is a plain corn chip or tortilla chip, though, it wil have very little flavor of its own, and as I try to stick to salsas that are good (and there are a couple of restaurants around here that make salsas that are nearly orgasmic in their quality), the chip functions only as a salsa-collecting device.

With potato chips I tend to be a chippie, but I need the dip to cut the saltiness. I eat no-salt-added chips “naked.”

With tortilla chips I’ll eat a few naked ones, but mostly I’m a dippie. The chips are crucial, though: no matter how much I love the dip, I can’t eat it without a decent chip (which means no Fritos ::shudder:: ).

Mmm, chips and dip! :slight_smile: