Chocolate covered espresso beans

ThinkGeek piqued my interest on these, but unfortunately they’re out of stock. Can anyone reccomend a good brand and supplier so that I may try some sinful delight?

[size=1]Chocolate covered espresso beans[/small]

Oohhhhhh!! They are scrummy! I get mine fromWhittards of Chelsea, but they are UK based, and so might not deliver to the States.

Drat! You’ve just made me realise that I’ve left today’s supply at home. :frowning:

My husband got some in a dark alley in Kona last week…(from a realHawaiian)

Actually, I think Star$$$$s has them (that would be Starbucks to the uninitiated)

The big Target near where I live has them in the bulk candy section (with jelly bellys and the like).

Mmmmmm … I love chocolate covered espresso beans. Especially the ones with a dusting of cocoa powder over the chocolate. Sometimes my local health food store has them.

One of my profs bought a 1-lb. bag of them, thinking they were harmless. He ate the whole bag over the course of a day. Showed up in another prof’s office sweating and shaky, thinking he was having a heart attack. Hilarity ensued.


chocolate covered expresso beans…mmmmmmm


They’re yummy but beware, they’ll keep you up all night.

On the Starbucks note, sometimes they distribute through grocery stores, i.e. Albertsons

Trader Joe’s. But not just chocolate-covered espresso beans- dark chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Oh, yeah, baby. Dark chocolate-covered espresso beans. Better than sex…

::: drool :::

I posted about those a few months ago. Someone gave me a good name for them that seems apropos:


Mmmmmm, chocolate-covered espresso beans. I learned about these wonderful little nuggets of joy last finals season, when a guy in one of my classes whipped out a bag and offered them to people.

They sell them at coffee shops, you can get a baggie of them for about $3.50, and don’t eat it all in one place.

Band name!

When I lived in Washington State and was trying to explain the cultural differences to the people back home in North Carolina, I would tell them about the local supermarket, which sold chocolate covered espresso beans in the gumball machines by the front of the store.

They get 'em started young in Washington.


:smiley: Great name.

Second the Trader Joes beans. Hmmm good. Really wake you up.

If you have a “Sweet Factory” in a nearby mall, they also carry them. The Trader Joe’s ones are the best though. Damn, might have to stop there on the way home. :slight_smile:

chocolate covered expresso beans… proof of a benevolent god.