How much caffeine in an eighth of a pound of dark chocolate covered expresso beans?

Because I brought a quarter pound at a street fair yesterday. At my desk at work today, I’m popping them like, well, candy. I ate about half of them when the palpitations started. The last time that happened to me was when I drank 3 large Cappachinos, one right after the other, in an effort to stay awake while walking down 7th Ave in Brooklyn when I was 28. . . it’s a long story.

Anyway, the heart skip got me to wondering and I started googling. But my google-fu is failing me and all I’m getting are hits on how much caffeine there is in chocolate and how to make chocolate covered expresso beans.

Oh yeah, and somebody take these damned beans away from me. They’re addictive!

My searches reveal that it takes about 50 beans to make a serving of espresso, and that they contain about 90 mg of caffeine before brewing. Tack on a little for the chocolate, and you’re getting about 2 mg per bean.