Chocolate Orgasm Cake

At a local restaurant, there’s a cake you can order that I call “Chocolate Orgasm Cake”. I call it that because, when I first ate it, I started moaning with pleasure. Not intentionally. It’s unreal.

More specifically, it’s a warm, crusty exterior with a soft, fudge-like interior. I know, I know, sounds like every fudge cake ever.

But I’m a college student who hasn’t yet learned the whole “cooking” thing, or the “baking” thing for that matter. But damnit, I have to know how to make this cake.

Do any of you have recipes for the sort of oh-my-God-can-I-please-just-eat-this-for-the-rest-of-my-life chocolate cake that I’m talking about?

What is it called on the menu? What’s the name of the restaurant(sometimes, things are famous enough you can find them on the internet). You might also try asking the management if the’ll tell you the recipe. I’ve had that happen.

It’s called “Tartufo”. The restaurant is called Piatti. It’s Italian.

Sure! Take two pounds of quality sweetened chocolate, two cups flour, 2 eggs, 3 fresh kittens…

They served this dessert at my 20th high school reunion, over a decade ago.

The classmate coordinating the food announced that this dessert was “better than sex”!

Afterwards, she asked me if I didn’t agree with that assessment.

I told her that while the dessert was quite nice, either I didn’t know how to eat, or she didn’t know how to screw.

Hilarity ensued. But she didn’t give me the recipe after that comment, unfortunately.

It’s called “Chocolate Lava Cake” - one recipe here but you can find them all over the internet.

You need small oven-proof baking cups, which as a college student you probably don’t have. You can buy Pyrex ones at Amazon for about $10 and they’re a useful item to have around (for exmple, if you have to beat just one egg, they’re the right size).

The best: Homepage | UKTV

Delicious Chocolate Cake:

8 Simple Flour
4 Ice Cold Milk
4 Mild Spices
8 Small Egg
Flask of Port
3 Mageroyal


*Someone *is playing too much WoW…:wink:

Note to the OP - this British recipe uses metric weight measures (ex: 50g), as opposed to the volumetric measures that are common in American recipes. (ex: 1/2 cup). If you lack a kitchen scale at home (not that they are expensive) and are an inexperienced baker as you say, I would not even attempt this recipe. In addition to the measurement problems, you may have a hard time finding certain ingredients listed therein.

Rosie’s Bakery in Cambridge makes a Chocolate Orgasm; it’s been part of their menu since at least 1976. It may not be exactly what you are describing, but it’s pretty darn good. You can find the recipe here, or search Amazon for her recipe book if you are looking for more ideas.

I once walked into Rosie’s Bakery with my wife. After we left, I told her that by the expressions on the faces of the female customers women must have a second clitoris in their taste buds.

What, you never saw Deep Throat? :smiley:

I only have two fresh kittens. Can I substitute in a puppy?

Another chocolate cake that I enjoyed recently - was regular chocolate layer cake except the bottom most layer was chocolate brownie. MMMMMMmmmm

Our local Italian restaurant serves a version of this (supposedly the secret recipe of the Mama) called ‘Falling Down Cake’, and it comes drizzled with a smidge of raspberry drizzle. I’m also given to understand that the generic term for this is ‘flourless chocolate torte’ (may be helpful in internet searches).

I’ve never tried to make it myself, but need to give it a whirl.

You could try Alton Brown’s Chocolate Lava Muffins. I am by no means a baker, but I managed these.

Some time ago I occasionally dined in a restaurant where the service was so bad I literally had to phone the restaurant from the table to request service.

But I kept going back for what the waitress assured me was actually and in real life called the “Chocolate Mouthfuck Cake”.

No recipe to share. Only memories.


You make the joke after you get the recipe, smartypants, not before.

Maybe you should have climbed onto the table and had sex with the cake. Special creamy center…or not.