Choose which of these tragedies to avert.

The sequel to this thread. To recapitulate the premise: Pallas Athena has decided that the the major metropolis you live in is a wretched hive of villainy in need of a superhero, and she’s chosen you for the job. Your powers include Captain America-level physical skills; movie!Mysteique level shapeshfting, allowing you to impersonate any human being of your approximate size; teleportation within a 30-mile radius; and clairvoyance of events up to 24 hours into the future, so long as they are happening within your teleport range.

As our tale begins, it’s sunset on a chilly Monday. After a busy weekend of do-gooding via derring-do, you have decided to take the night off. But just as you’re setting in to watch the last several Doctor Who episodes, you get not one but two precognitive flashes of crap you’ll need to.

Flash one is a lynching of a dirty cop: not merely on the take with the mob, but in the sense ofalso given to using excessive force on persons of the wrong skin color at any excuse. Several months ago this cop flat-out murdered a middle-schooler for for the heinous crime of not being white: you’re absolutely certain of that, as you witnessed the crime clairvoyantly but were a half-second too late to save the kid. You couldn’t testify in his trial–your visions are not admissable as testimony–and he was acquitted a week ago. Much of the crap you spent the last several days dealing with was a result of white and black citizens fighting over the issue. Now a group of citizens have decided to string the fucker up. If you port to his side right now, you’ll have barely enough time to save him.

Flash two is of a kidnapping. Fir some months now, a sadistic homophobic bitch has been abducting boy-whores in a nearby city, taking them to various hideaways, and torturing them for hours before releasing them, leaving them traumatized and emasculated but breathing ; in fact, she goes out of her way to keep them alive, on account of dead people not suffering any more. You’ve been foillowing the story in the news but have been unable to intervene because all the assaults have taken place outside your teleport/ESP radius, so you never get any advance warning. But for the first time, the SHB has ventured inside your territory. The abduction has already happened; the SHBhas tazed her victim and is driving away with. At this moment they’re at the very edge of your T/E range. If you let them get any further away you’ll be unable to track them.

There’s no time for you to stop both crimes or even anyone for help. Do you save the streetwalker from torment or stop the lynching?

At first it seems like a no-brainer – the dirty cop is a child-murdering bigot, and I won’t shed a tear at all for his death; while the SHB is torturing very troubled young people. Thinking about it a little more it gets more complicated – lynching a police officer is likely to have very serious ramifications, and could blowback on the good people of the city, whether or not they were involved in the lynching.

Do I have any insight into the police culture in this town? Are the dirty cop’s fellow officers favorably inclined to him such that they would go above and beyond a ‘normal’ response (e.g. find and prosecute those involved in the lynching) towards the disadvantaged of the city? Is he a popular and well-connected officer?

Unless those answers are both “yes” then it’s a no-brainer for me and I stop the SHB. If they’re both yes, then I think I’d still lean towards topping the SHB, but it would be a harder decision.

Do I have reason to believe that the PD would respond with serious violence and retaliatory killings of innocents? If this last question is a strong “yes” then I might save the cop and spent the next few days looking for the SHB.

I’m going for stopping the SHB. Sounds to me like the cop deserves whatever he gets, while the boy prostitutes don’t.

Is there cake?

I stop the SHB. Then I teleport back to the scene of the lynching, shape-shift to look like Hillary Clinton and endorse Donald Trump, just to fuck with people.


You didn’t say anywhere that the cop was white, so the first option is out.


I’d probably just stay and watch Doctor Who because even as a superhero I am entitled to me time and I can’t save everyone in the world anyways.

There is no conflict here. The OP clearly states I arrived a half second too late to save the child, but for reasons that are not entirely clear fails to explain that I dismembered Dirty Cop on the spot. There is nothing mentioned that would prevent me from doing so, and it seems the obvious course of action after witnessing him kill a child.

Thus I hit pause on the DVR, ignoring the burning question of why I am watching Dr. Who instead of football, The Blacklist, Agents of SHIELD, Blindspot, or even Game of Thrones reruns, and teleport over to dispatch the torturer. For style points, I use my shapeshifting ability to appear as Remo Williams, aka The Destroyer, and quip “That’s the biz, baby” as I snap the villains neck. While I’m out, I’m probably pick up some Dr. Pepper and a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms before teleporting back to by TV-watching chair.

Captain America and Mystique can teleport? I’ve been out of comics longer than I thought.

Anyway, Dirty Cop™ is a goner. I wouldn’t save his ass if there was nothing to do but watch Lawrence Welk reruns. The torturer is in for a world of pain. The first thing I do is take his form and spend the next couple of weeks getting medieval on his ass, then once I get bored with that I snap his spine and drop him off at a police station. I’m not a murderer after-all.

Posted before reading any other responses.

I stop the torturer. The cop should’ve been convicted and probably executed anyway for his crimes; I don’t condone vigilante justice by others (I just practice it myself!), but the greater good is served by stopping the torturer and not by stopping the lynching of the bad cop.

Oh, you are good.

I thought that the OP specified that the SHB and victim were still inside of your teleportation range. Therefore, you haven’t failed to save the child until they’re out of range.

Aside from that, and the liking football, The Blacklist, Blindspot, Game of Thrones and M&M’s parts, I otherwise agree with Oakminster’s post.

They’re at the edge of the range, about to leave. And the teleport range is also the ESP range. Stop the murder first, and you’ll lose them with no guarantee of being able to find them while the boy-whore still has a dick.

The cop murdered a kid? Fuck him. I’m saving the troubled kid from the bitch tormenting him.