Chop chop, get rid of the lot

“The most unfortunate invention is blogging, the opportunity for individuals to flood the world with uninformed, untested, irrelevant, unmoderated, vapid comments.”

I love this quote. It is just what I think.
I have also heard the problem with the internet is that it gives uninformed opinion the same weight as informed opinion. I would not go that far. But I would go close.

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

So we should be stuck with what CNN, NBC, and the rest of them shove down our throats? And trust that it’s informed and relevant?

It seems silly to make a blanket criticism of an entire medium. It’s like saying all TV news is stupid, or all newspapers are irrelevant. There are good and bad examples of all types of media, blogging included.

Why? It appears that the OP is offering a frank opinion, and the topic is considerably less than cosmic, ie–perfect for IMHO according to the description of that forum. The MPSIMS forum, at least from the viewpoint of a relative newcomer, seems better suited to topics involving personal matters. I’ll concede there can be a fine line between the two some times, but I don’t see how this particular thread is so far over that line as to justify being moved.

And I would strongly disagree. In my view, the blogosphere is the cyber-equivalent of the “marketplace of ideas”. All opinions may be brought to the table, and subjected to scrutiny via vigorous debate. This is a good thing, similar to the way this very board operates. Far better for the common man to have a vehicle by which to express himself, and to consider the opinions of others, than for him to solely rely upon the “news” selected for mass consumption by the giant media outlets. Caveat Emptor applies, of course.