Chopped All-Stars, kick it up a notch!

Have fun, throw out your ideas for making tonights Tournament memorable.
For instance, better ingredients:

squirrel embryos
pine bark
challenging appliance tweaks:

ice cream machine charged with super fluid liquid helium
air force surplus radar powering microwave oven at 1000 times normal power output
all tables wobbly with one leg shortened
140 hp Honda Vtwin powered food processor
other tweaks:

clock programmed to countdown at 115% normal speed
oven temp calibration off
Charlie Sheen as the guest MC

Have fun and don’t hold back!


Good for them;

Ted just announced the prize money ($50,000) goes to charity!
Looks like a fun show, it just started on Food Network.

This is going to be a fun series.

This first competition is between almost-rans of last season’s Next Food Network Star. Liver!!!

Debbie “threw everyone under the bus” Lee is here!


Reported so that similar threads could be merged.

Reported so that similar threads could be merged.


No problem, exciting show!

Goat butter, liver, deviled eggs, alien vegies!

Wonderfully weird ingredients, if not the gore fest I would have preferred.

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I was hoping Food Network would do something like this. I want to see the judge that HATES red onion have to cook something with red onion. It’ll be nice to see the judges be judged - and chopped.

Yeah, sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, Scott Conant won’t be competing.


if he is judging, we can hope the basket contains red, green, yellow, and white onions, and they will disable all the appliances that produce heat.
We can also hope his ironic punishment in hell, someday, will involve giant, anatomically correct onion demons.

To be truly hell for him, the demons will serve him only undercooked pasta.

and raw poultry . . .


And seafood with cheese.

I was hoping Alex Guarnishelli would be competing, but then she wouldn’t be able to do that pissy kewpie doll face when she gets in a catfight with the other judges (“I don’t care if she left out 3/4 of the required ingredients- she made VOLUPTUOUS DEVILED EEEEEGGGGSSSS!!!”)

And when it’s Geoffrey Zakarian’s turn I hope he gets stuck with tripe, circus peanuts, Red Bull, and lutefisk. Can’t stand that guy.

What was up with that, deviled eggs is (are?) her signature dish? Why not toast? I missed the cooking part of that segment. How did she end up leaving out three ingredients?


Yes, I’m really looking forward to Mean Judge (they’ve showed him in previews. he’s always snotty and awful to the contestants) getting a basket. And hopefully getting chopped on the first round.

ETA: It turns out that Mean Judge is Geoffrey Zakarian

I think it was time management, she was so hell bent on the deviled eggs (which take time to cook and peel and mix the filling) that she had no time to work on or plate the other stuff.

I think she had the dried block o’ fishy stuff sprinkled on the eggs, but missed the poundcake, liver, and whatever the 4th ingredient was (brain fart, aargh!)

my understanding is that one of the prelim rounds will be 4 chopped judges, which is the one I’m looking forward to the most.

I care not about her judge’s kewpie doll face. After watching her own show on Cooking Channel, I see a something there…a deep smoldering passion that might be fun to set free and enjoy the ride.