Chord Overstreet Off GLEE (or, Trouty Mouth thrown back in the water)

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Ashley Fink/Lauren Zizes is also apparently being downsized in appearances. Darren Criss and Mike Chang will become regulars.

Probably a mistake on Murphy’s part since I can’t imagine Overstreet not being super popular due to looks, bod, and singing. But, c’est la GLEE.

Wonder if they’ll bring in a new guy to be the other male in the Quinn/Finn/Rachel repairings?

And I don’t think Ashley is a great loss – that character never worked for me.

Yay that Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang) is getting the promotion – he’s a hell of a dancer. I love the way this show takes an incidental hire and finds that person’s strengths and makes a regular character out of him or her. Heather Morris (Brittany) was originally hired just to teach the cast the “Single Ladies” routine, became a dancer, then became an incidental character, then became a real character.

I’m so sad to see Overstreet and his abs go, but this isn’t much of a surprise. The cast is pretty crowded as is, and since the producers plan on adding 4 more (underclassmen) characters to avoid having to turn over the entire cast (save the adults) at once it’s a given that existing characters have to go. Still I’d rather they got rid of Puck. Sure he’s great eye candy, but so is Sam and Sam’s been getting much better storylines that Puck.

I heard this yesterday, although I’m not clear on what it really means – whether Overstreet is going to be more or less dropped from the show, or whether he’s being demoted from a regular player to a recurring performer. If the latter, he could still be in nearly every episode like Darren Criss and Harry Shum, Jr. were in season two.

This is pretty much what I would have expected. Ashley Fink isn’t much of a singer or dancer, so there’s not much reason to keep her character in the glee club. She can go back to being a prominent non-glee club student.

About time on Shum being promoted to a regular.

It’s my impression that he’s popular, but that Darren Criss is more popular, so if for some reason it had to be one or the other then this was probably the right choice.

It was pretty obvious that the writers didn’t know what to do with the Sam character for much of the second season, so while I liked Overstreet I don’t think it will be a great loss to the show. It’s too bad they didn’t just say he was a senior some time during season two, although he’s probably the easiest character to write off since they could just say his dad got a job somewhere else.

This does mean Mercedes will soon be single again. I remember hearing talk that if the winner of The Glee Project reality show was a guy then he would probably be used as a love interest for Mercedes, so I wonder if that will happen now.

About time she met Jenny Craig.


Who’d Trouty Mouth piss off? And, more to the point, how?

Maybe he caught a chill from all the shirtless scenes.

I think he’ll be snapped up by movies or another show pretty quickly. I agree that I’d have jettisoned Puck first.

Oh, you mean Rocky! Sorry, it’s the only ep I saw, but I liked their take on it.

It may be that this 12th choir member slot is the Glee equivalent of Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor. The character Sam replaced (I think his name was Matt, but he barely had any lines) transferred away between the first and second season.

It’s not good news that they’re jettisoning a guy that can sing, that only means we’ll have to suffer through more auto-tuned Finn. That boy can’t sing (or dance).

But he does a great job of looking bewildered. When he talked about his past drug use recently I wasn’t that surprised because he obviously learned that vacant stare from somewhere.

One of my big complaints about season two is that Finn became increasingly boring and unlikeable as a character and continued to be the weakest of the guys as a performer. So why is he still around? They sort of lampshaded this by having Jesse St. James point out that there was no reason Finn should have a solo at Nationals because all the other guys were more talented, but then of course he wound up with a solo at Nationals anyway.

I could almost believe that Chord Overstreet is being cut because otherwise it makes no sense for Finn to keep getting solos. I can see some justification for going with Finn over the other guys because they each have their weaknesses (Mike can dance but not sing, Artie can sing but not dance, Kurt’s voice isn’t suited to “male” songs, Puck is generally unreliable), but Sam is a better singer, better looking, and at least as good a dancer.

IIRC Matt only had one line in the entire season and that was while he was wearing KISS makeup.

I think you’re mistaken. They never went to Nationals.

It was rumored they were going to film an episode where they went to Nationals and not only did Finn get the vocals, not only had the team not rehearsed the songs they were going to sing, they were still writing the songs they were going to sing. But of course it was never filmed because there’s no way in hell that would happen, so the episode never happened. IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Instead the final episode was only a few minutes long and that of Klaine sitting in a coffee shop.

Finn sings fine. Glee overuses auto-tune in general. Even Rachel gets auto-tuned. I don’t mind if it’s a cover of a song that was auto-tuned originally but there’s really no excuse other wise. Especially since it’s not even a great tool for voice improvement. It was originally used for a stylistic effect - I can’t fathom why it’s now being used as an enhancement. There are other production tools that make voices sound great without the robotic artificiality.

Now that I think of it, you must be right. I must have had a weird dream that night or something. I remember the next morning during my commute I was thinking “Why on earth would they write new, original songs at the last minute rather than go with the original songs they already wrote for Regionals, or popular songs that they already knew and had rehearsed in the past?” But in dreams sometimes things happen that don’t really have any logic to them.

IIRC the American Idol finale took Glee’s usual timeslot, and I’m sure I remember seeing that coffee shop scene, so I guess instead of a season finale they just did a brief teaser for next season.

Oh, I’ve been meaning to link to this, and now seems as good a time as any. MTV’s Jim Cantiello did a series of “Musical Glee-Caps”, reviewing each episode of the season in song. They are pretty funny, and he almost always says what I would say – only set to music.

There was a bit of a tease about a development in the coming season at the Glee Concert in Dublin the other night. The implication is that <mild spoiler as it’s not definite>

Blaine will be going to McKinley and joining the Glee Club.

Clip from Dublin

Based on what I’ve seen on YouTube, at every Glee concert, not just the Dublin one, Kurt “proposes” that Blaine join the McKinley glee club (for the closing number of the concert or for good?), and he agrees. Dublin attracted more attention because of the unscripted kiss, but Blaine apparently performs alongside the ND characters at the finale of all the earlier concerts.
I don’t know that we’re meant to take the skits as “canon”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if in season three Blaine does wind up at McKinley, if only because it’s going to be hard to find excuses for him to keep showing up in almost every episode if he stays at Dalton. Although given his history and the rather flexible reality of the show, I could almost buy that the character would commute from the Dalton campus every day just to serenade Kurt at lunch!

Speaking of GLEE Live, I’m glad that on this year’s tour they let Kevin McHale do Safety Dance. Perhaps on the show this year they can have a wizened crone work a spell in which Artie is able to use his legs in exchange for Finn now being in a wheelchair.