Glee: 2.16 "Original Song" (open spoilers)

Well it’s Regionals and New Directions is performing original songs. Miss Kathy Griffin is guest-staring as a Sarah Palinesqe failed Tea Party candidate and homeschooler. Her co-judge is Miss Loretta Devine as a stipper turned nun.

The original songs are;

[li]Get It Right[/li][li]Loser Like Me[/li][li]Hell to the No[/li][/ul]
The cover songs are;

[li]Raise Your Glass (Pink)[/li][li]Misery (Maroon 5)[/li][li]Blackbird (The Beatles)[/li][li]Candles (Hey Monday)[/li][li]Jesus Is My Friend (Sonseed)[/li][/ul]

Not to mention “Trouty Mouth” and “Big-Ass Heart”. Both of which would have, with some lyrical amendments, kicked the Warbler’s collective ass!

“Trouty Mouth” … heh. I liked how Santana piped up in a later scene to say, “I wrote another verse for Trouty Mouth!”

Who knew “My Hairband” was Brittany’s favorite song? Of course, since she’s dating Stubbles McCripplepants, maybe that shouldn’t have been a big surprise.

New (reluctant) Glee viewer here. seen 3 episodes. The last two and the Superbowl episode.

Why was the blond boy (Sam?) so put out about Trouty Mouth?

Probably because he’s sensitive about his mouth to face ratio.

Holy homosexual kissing, Batman! They’re pretty adorable together. And I actually liked Rachel’s song.

I don’t know why, apart from most people’s aversion to being compared to fish. He does have a pronounced need to be popular and accepted, and ‘trout mouth’ is the sort of nickname that sticks. But conversely, he does get to tap that.

Letting the bird croak was the way into Blaine’s heart? Usually having the pet die on your watch annoys suitors, but glad it worked out in the end.

I loved Sr Mary’s confusion over wether Dalton was a gay school or just seemed gay. :wink: I can’t see how they can maker the Warblers look any gayer that they already do without resorting to an onscreen daisy chain. Loser Like Me was good, but I didn’t care for any of the other original songs. I think they wasted Griffin. I’d love to see her character show up again. Maybe gets on the school board or Sue enlists her in zany scheme to destroy Schuester. And Sue, I love how she just randomly punched out the 2nd Lady of Ohio despite her having nothing at all to do with the judging. I hope Sue severs some severe, yet hilarious, consequences.

“I don’t even remember putting that in there.” And “Trouty Mouth” and “Big-Ass Heart” were hilarious. Quinn’s pretty much a total bitch these days. It’s about damn time for Kurt and Blaine, that was nice to see.

Overall, despite the total ridiculousness of the idea that they’d be able to write and learn two new songs for competition in a matter of freaking days, there was enough to more than distract from those weaknesses. I’ll give it a “loved it.”

I loved it, though it did seem very rushed going from “Let’s write some original songs for regionals” to “Here we are at regionals” in the space of about 3 minutes.

Some funny stuff in this episode, though, including the other original songs (Trouty Mouth especially) and the judges’ panel. It’s always nice to see Rod Remington (“Can I add a dash of Rod to this lady soup?”) and the nun/former stripper was funny. Kathy Griffin (whose comedy I like) was kinda flat. Sue decking the Lt. Governor’s drunk-ass wife was shocking.

So in the remaining episodes, I wonder if they’ll bring Kurt back to WMHS before Nationals. They need to leave Blaine at Dalton, though, because those Warbler songs are always really good. I also wonder if they will follow up on the closeted football bully any more.

What I’m wondering is how much of the music licensing budget was blown on “Blackbird.” Beatles music usually starts in the low seven figures compared to mid five figures for hit songs.

I know they’ve done I Want To Hold Your Hand before- have they done any other Beatles songs?

They’ve done Hello, Goodbye, and also Lennon’s Imagine.

“Only Child” started out not too bad, but it’s no “My Headband”


Heh - that was one of my favourite Brittany moments of the episode - her favourite song is “My Headband” (and all other songs relate to it). :smiley:

I think maybe they were going for the humour in Kathy Griffin’s character to be that she is so controversial and homophiliac in real life. And the actress who played the stripper nun who is in everything and I can’t recall her name was excellent, as she always is (“The convent is the only thing that will keep my off the pole.” - Hah! I just the double entendre in that!)

That’s why I love this show-they aren’t afraid to go weird.

I don’t see how they can’t. The Ohio Show Choir Assoc. didn’t seem to have problems with Jesse moving from school to school, so expect some economic setback in the Hummell household necessitating tuition belt tightening. But will Blaine tag along?

Not too shabby. A few laugh out loud moments. “I don’t even remember putting that in there” and “My Headband” were Brittany at her subtle scene-stealing best. I also chuckled at “Blaine and the Pips” at least they finally put a lampshade on that.

Loser like me was pretty good. Though the slushie bit was a bit too self-referencial for me. And it would have been cooler if more than Rachel and Finn got a line. Seemed tailor made for a line or half-verse from each character. Trouty Mouth, Big Ass Heart, and Only Child were hilariously intentionally bad. “The only Berry on my Familiy Tree” LOL.

Wow, that was one heck of a kiss. Things have come a long way since Joss Whedon had to use a tragic episode to slip in a brief lesbian kiss. The lines leading up to it were kinda glurgy though. Also, “this bird funeral probably reminds you of your mother’s” was kind of klunky and insensitive. But Blaine made up for it with an awesome version of Raise your Glass (with his Pips, of course).

I missed last week, was there any mention of why Vocal Adrenaline wasn’t at Regionals? With the foreshadowing early this season with their new coach and that Sunshine girl, I expected to see them back by now. Sue’s pandering to the judges with the Jesus song was pretty hilarious too, and made me wish we’d seen more of her glee coaching. Was there some of that last week too?

Was it ever mentioned why the Warblers don’t have a teacher advisor? That would probably not be allowed if Glee took place in the real world, but in the Glee world, I’ll let it slide.

Anyone else worried about how long the show can stick with the formula for their seasonal arcs? Last year was sectionals/regionals. This year sectionals/regionals/nationals. what’s next that wouldn’t be repetitive? Real school years are predictable. TV shows can’t stagnate. I guess we’ll see what they pull out…

I’m not a huge Kathy Griffin fan, though she’s been funny at roasts and such. She was kinda bad here, though, IMHO. Just pulled me out of the show.

Loretta Devine. When I saw her name in the credits I thought she might get to sing, too. I’m kind of disappointed that she didn’t.

I work on Tuesday nights so sometimes I don’t get to watch the show unless it’s slow. But if a shift starts out slow as soon as 8pm rolls around the phone starts ringing off the hook, people come in, other staffers that don’t watch Glee starts talking loud and making a lot of noise. So even if I do get to watch most of it, I always miss something. It’s even more aggravating than missing the entire show.

Waaaah! I forgot it was Tuesday and went to dinner. Will have to watch it tonight on HULU.

My guess is this year they lose at nationals (like they lost at regionals at the end of last year). Then next season they win it. After that, I’m sure the writers will come up with something–either tougher competition so that they start losing again, or maybe some kind of international competition–which may be ridiculous but this is *Glee *we’re talking about.