Glee: 2.12 "Silly Love Songs" (open spoilers)

Valentine’s Day episode tonight. Rumour has it Kurt and Blaine will have their first kiss this episode.

I hate the song Silly Love Songs!!

If their first kiss is anywhere near as hot as their first oral sex scene was it’s going to be off the charts!

Meh. This wasn’t one of their better episodes. I don’t like the Sueless ones. I did like how Blaine’s ill-conceived plan to serenade the junior Gap manager guy backfired horribly. I knew that was going to happen (though I thought he’d turn out to be straight).

The leaks are getting really bad. They had pics of the Gap guy and the name of the actor and even the screw up on various boards yesterday.

My first ‘meh’, alas. I think it was my lack of interest in the romantic trials of the popular jock/cheerleader/other jock/candy striper cheerleader quadrangle. I want my gleesters as underdogs, dammit!

Poor Kurt’s getting a lot of practice in being the stalwart platonic friend to the guy he’s hot for job. Props for not coming out with ‘Carrot Top? Really?’ when they showed up at the store.

Yeah, this is getting a little annoying, Kurt & Mercedes are the only Glee characters who haven’t gotten some (well except for Karofsky’s assault). Even Coach Bieste got a pitty kiss.

Not a great episode. Puck having a thing for whatsherface? I don’t think so. And Tina falling apart singing “My Funny Valentine”? That was just weird.

I like that they’re willing to skid into the weird- i.e.:Quinn and the third trimester chorus doing It’s a Man’s World last season cracked my shit up for a week.

I’m not entirely sure I’d take a guy singing “Fat-Bottomed Girl” to me as a compliment. ETA: Chasing me around my job singing to me with a whole choir would be incredibly creepy, not sexy or romantic.

Lauren sure did fling Santana around. :slight_smile:

Lauren didn’t from what she said later. Even though she did give these little smiles during the song. I love how the trio of girls (Mercedes, Tina & Rachel?) had their jaws dropped open & then got into it with Rachel giving an “I surrender” clap to the beat.

Santana got TWO beat-downs. The comment from Rachel about how Santana’s only job would be on a pole actually devastated her (after Rachel acknowledged “maybe my main shot at stardom will be the title role in the musical version of ‘Willow’.”)

Santana also got quite the triumphant run as the Naughty Nurse, though. Definitely a meh overall.

I’m surprised that Gap allowed them to say that Gap fired the guy. That seemed harsh, and not something that puts Gap in a good light.

I think it would only put the Gap in a bad light if it were implied that they fired him because he was gay. My impression was that they were to have fired him because of the disruption.

It’s not as if the disruption was his fault.
Also, he specifically stated that he wasn’t out at work.

It just seemed weird to me and not in a good way. So maybe Gap isn’t full on evil, but it still makes Gap look like an asshole.

If they fired him because of the disruption, which he had no advance knowledge off or role in planning, he’d have a claim for wrongful termination. If they fired him just because he was gay they’d be in the clear in many states (not sure if Ohio is one). Gap however would most certainly not be happy with that implication.

Well I liked this one a good bit. Much better than the post-Superbowl episode.

The one issue I had was that the Finn/Quinn storyline seemed a bit out-of-character for Finn, since he always seems to be trying to be the good guy, and he is especially sensitive to the issue of cheating in a relationship. I did like how they handled the Finn/Rachel relationship.

I thought the whole Puck/Lauren story was great–I busted out laughing when they started singing Fat-Bottomed Girls. I liked how she kept turning him down.
“Your chocolated sucked.”
“But you ate all of them!.”
“I had to be sure they all sucked.”

And Santana was great! I love it when she goes into full bitch mode. I also liked her beatdowns by Rachel (the stripper comment) and Lauren (the hallway fight was awesome!). And damn–she looked hot in that candystriper outfit!

I liked the music in this one better than the Superbowl ep, too. I’m not a big Katy Perry fan, but I always like solos by Rachel. The Queen number was welcome, and I liked whatever song the Warblers did at Gap. Oh, and Artie singing PYT was good, too.

For me, this was one of the better episodes this season.


The Warblers- a group of elite students chosen to serve as Blaine’s back up singers, break an 80+ year tradition to help their lord publicly sexually harass and humiliate a guy he barely knows. To do this they even appear in a mall wearing their godawful school uniforms. And apparently they don’t even listen to the gender in song lyrics when singing to a guy. (Perhaps it’s a diabolical plot by Blaine and Jeremiah to get him fired and then sue GAP for a huge out-of-court settlement- at least that makes some sense plot wise.)

To borrow fromthis review:

Tina Cohen-Chang has a nervous breakdown while gutting and field dressing My Funny Valentine, Artie is still enamored of his “really belongs in Special Ed, but she does put out” girlfriend, and Puck- who is usually ultraconcerned with his status and reputation in the school, is enamored of a student with a uniquely unattractive physique and personality because she’s not into him. Actually Lauren not being into him- a guy who’s cheated on or with half the people in school and just got out of juvie- is the one believable thing about the episode.

I won’t say the show has jumped the shark, but the shark is spotted. They need to take some new directions or old ones.

I agree that the Lauren-Santana beatdown (especially her “That’s how we do it in Lima Heights!” after getting her ass kicked) and Rachel’s unusually effective “on a pole” zinger were highlights.

And give Kurt a solo again- he hasn’t had one in weeks. Preferably after getting him laid.

Personally, I was shocked at the goings-on in this episode!

  1. Kurt had a crush on Blaine.
  2. Blaine liked someone else.
  3. Kurt got over it.
  4. Kurt then calmly explained his misinterpretation of Blaines actions, and the situation was cleared up!

I mean, really…. Where’s the angst! Where’s the months-long misunderstanding and emo looks! A calm, cool discussion, and a situation is resolved? What the hell are sit-coms coming to!

Yeah, what the Hell was up with that? I am not familiar with the song, so is that part of it? Or just the writer’s/director’s weird idea that (IMO) backfired? :confused: