Glee: 2.15 "Sexy" (open spoilers)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s back as Miss Holly Holliday, this time she’s teaching Sex Ed. Entertainment Weekly thinks we might see Sunshine Corazon again. Paltrow’s supposed to sing 3 songs.

[li]Afternoon Delight (Starland Vocal Band)[/li][li]Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Gary Glitter)[/li][li]Kiss (Prince)[/li][li]Animal (Neon Trees)[/li][li]Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)[/li][/ul]

On the one hand I’m somewhat pleasantly surprised that they’ve decided to deal seriously with the romantic aspect of Santana and Brittany’s relationship, but on the other hand I’m not sure I like having a Santana with depth. She was fun as a character who just enjoyed being a bitch.

Next up on Glee’s ongoing tribute to Horrors of the 70’s- One Tin Soldier!.

Loved it, BTW. IwillnotlaughduringsexedclassIwillnotlaughduringsexedclassIwillnotlaughduringsexedclass

Artie will let her go, she shouldn’t worry about hurting him.

That was an amazing version of “Landslide,” which is a beautiful song.

And I loved the scene with Kurt and his father.

Oh yeah, the bubble gun? Hey, Freud called, he wants credit for the symbolism.

I liked the Brittany/Santana subplot and Kurt’s (is it just be or is Colfer starting to look more masculine), but not much else. The overall plot was really weak, and Sue’s appearance seemed pretty shoehorned. Emma has way too many issues to be counseling kids about sex or relationships. The woman was convinced Afternoon Delight was about eating dessert in the middle of the day.

Yeah, did you see his reaction when Sam wished he could be as close to him as Brittany was to Santana? :wink: Artie wasn’t nearly that oblivious; he knows something more than a song is up between them.

I liked it alright. I wish there’d be even more Burt and some Bieste thrown in. Gwyneth singing Do You Wanna Touch Me? was good and I felt for poor Brittany. Strangely, I thought Santana was just more of the same, even with all the soft focus feelings on display.

I do love Landslide though.

“Cucumbers give you AIDS?!?”

I really, really liked this episode. I also have to say that with the hair let down, and the total bitch attitude tempered, Santana was smokin’ hot throughout this episode. Really liked how Kurt and his dad handled things…well done. And I love the Puck/Lauren dynamic…it cracks me up. She just kicks all kinds of ass, and his dopey grin about the whole thing is really funny.

Finally! A Prince song! My life is complete.

It hasn’t even finished here and it’s already my fave episode of this season.

I found it really uneven, plus way too much Gwyneth (any Gwyneth is too much for me).

I was given to understand that one had to be not only romantically junk punched, but thoroughly drunk to sing that song. Santana should have sung that last week! :smiley:

Yeah, I thought one of the high points of the episode was Coach Bieste’s chuckle when Emma said she wanted to nail Holly to the wall.

And then the Celibacy Club sang “Afternoon Delight.” Comedy gold! The outfits, the goofy smiles, Emma’s little wink, the aghast faces in the audience! “Afternoon delight is a dessert - It’s made with coconut, pineapple and marshmallow fluff.”

I will say Burt’s talk with Kurt was extremely well-written and delivered. I thought it was an almost perfect “The Talk.”

I loved it. The talk with Kurt and his dad was very well done, and like Uncle Jocko, I really liked Coach Bieste’s chuckle. I have gone from hating her as a character to loving her.

I was a teenager in the 1980s, and all I could think of last night was what a difference it would have made in my life if there had been anything remotely like this on television. If you didn’t spend your adolescence alone and confused and guilty, you have no idea how marvellous Glee is. Mr. Mallard and I were talking after the show about how we just didn’t have the option of dating while in high school, much less talking about being gay with friends or family. I’m not a big fan of the show as a show, but as a public service, it deserves a medal. I had no way to even think about these issues as a teen, and just 20 years later it’s right in the center of American pop culture.

I loved the rendition of Landslide—what on earth is that song about, anyway?

Well, I wondered the same thing so I checked around the Internet and the most believable explanation was that it was about Stevie and Lindsay’s relationship, an emotional awakening of sorts. I could find no interpretations that it was a lesbian love song.

I thought this episode was a bit too heavy on the Gwyneth. It sort of pushed me from being kind of neutral on her to understanding why people dislike her and starting to agree. I like Landslide, I don’t understand why she had to sing it.

I don’t think the choice of Landslide was any more complex than it containing the line “well I’ve been afraid of changing”. Their costuming choices for that number were also a little on the nose.

Welp, after two weeks of good eps, back to bad ones again. Only good part was Emma’s cluelessness about Afternoon Delight. Guess she never watched Arrested Development.