Chris Jansing of NBC

She has four eyebrows.

Is this a thing now?

I used to see her on occasion on TV and I thought “That’s an attractive older woman.” Now she’s been on non-stop covering the San Bernardino shooting and all I can think is “She’s got four fucking eyebrows” and it’s creeping me out.

That is all.

Can you link a pic

I never noticed that before but now I can’t unsee it. So thanks. :smiley:

I remember her when she was Chris Kopostasy and hosted the local news. When she was hired by NBC, she clearly had work done.

I like her, but I still know her as Chris Kapostasy, who was our local WNYT news anchor for over 15 years.

She just has deep eyelid folds.

Here’s a really huge (27Mb 5856x5856) picture. Those on dial-up, don’t bother.

Looking at Google images, she’s made some awkward tanning choices down through the years. Having only four is a bit of an improvement…

I’ve always thought she had a strange face; very small mouth and chin, with huge, wide eyes.

Yeah, like she should be off sailor-mooning or something…

This. And she’s quite lovely.

Although I can’t believe she’s 58.

Reptillians age well.

I never noticed the extra eyebrows before, but I see it now. She is quite attractive, but you rarely see her in profile. In profile, her face vanishes.

What on earth are you talking about? Her heavily mascaraed eyelashes or is there something above her eyebrows I can’t see?

Below her eyebrows, and above her eyes. She’s got really deep wrinkles at the top of her orbital ridges that look like a second set of eyebrows.

Wow. That’s weird. Never noticed that before.

She stole Whoopi Goldberg’s!

Based on that, it looks like there is either hair there or a dark patch of skin. I think I’d be going out of my way to add some sort of makeup there to even out the skin tone.

Also, this file is much, much larger than necessary for that resolution. Here’s the same image (still at 5856x5856) in only 3MB. I find it indistinguishable at up to 200% magnification.

I also found the original page it’s on. It’s only 205x205, so should be less than 20 KB!

The “dark patch” IS makeup. She has eyeliner along the crease of her eyelid.

IMHO she or more likely her makeup artist has overdone it a bit with the eyeliner, but this isn’t a particularly unusual style of makeup. Here’s some Google Image search results for eyeliner in crease of eyelid. Most of you have probably seen something like this before, on TV or in magazines if not in real life, so I’m not sure what the big deal is.

The examples you give show an actual shape that goes with something else, not just smudges that are the same color as her eyebrows. There’s always eye shadow above or below it. Not just the same color as the rest of their skin.

In other words, none of them look like they have dual eyebrows.

I also note that my previous image doesn’t let you see the full resolution easily, so here it is: Her left eye (on our right) definitely looks like two separate eyebrows.