Chris Matthews-I'm a Liberal and you're an ASS

I know I’ve seen others on here posting similar.

I’m a Liberal. Maybe an ultra liberal.

But, Chris Matthews is an ass. He talks over his guests. He is too full of himself. He can’t STFU. I scream at him nightly. If he worked for me, I’d fire him.

So, don’t watch?

That’s my method. I have successfully not been forced to yell at Chris Matthews since I discovered that the merest touch of the remote made him go away. I didn’t even know he was supposed to be a liberal because he went away the moment he got loud.

General agreement. I hate the way he interrupts people. He commits a number of other rhetorical sins.

Yes, I’m a liberal, and agree with his general viewpoints. But, bleah, I won’t listen to the son of a bitch, because he uses the same dirty techniques as O’Reilly or Hannity or Beck.

(I’m more fond of Ed Schultz, who is a lot better about not interrupting.)

I’ve been referring to him as the left wing’s Bill O’Reilly for the last 3 or so years. He’s smart, he’s knowledgeable, and he’s utterly annoying.

Ed’s too much of a sycophant.

I watch rachel for my fix.

I only do when I have nothing else in that time slot.

I like Rachel, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell; in that order.

Yeah, CM is not only a loudmouth, but he’s often factually incorrect. He’s in love with himself and his “experiences”. And he absolutely sucked on Jeopardy.

Stopped watching him years ago.

I think Nickelodeon has Spongebob on in just about EVERY time slot…

Matthews never really bothered me, but Maddow is the one I can’t stand.

I’m flabbergasted. I honestly know NO ONE who would say that.

I know people on both sides who can’t stand Matthews. But I’ve never heard ANY intelligent person say they “can’t stand” Rachel Maddow. I have conservative friends who think she’s brilliant ("…and damn cute": that’s from the treasurer of the state Republican Party!).

I don’t dislike her, but I confess, I don’t like her a lot. She smirks too much. (Which is a pretty minor offense, actually…) I admire her very much for her openness to corrections and retractions. “I said XYZ. I was wrong.” That’s courage, and all too rarely seen these days.

I like her ok. May even have mentioned once or twice. Couple of restraining orders. Maybe three.

Wasn’t that you under a pile of MSNBC security guards moaning, “Swan neck… swan neck…”?

Super-Liberal Lobohan’s MSNBC Favorites:

Alex Wagner
Rachel Maddow
Chris Matthews

I’ll take Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell if I gotta.

I like Chris Matthews because he’s very knowledgeable. He does talk over people, but typically when they’re saying horseshit, although he does mistake what they’re saying sometimes. Meh, he’s cool enough.

But watch Alex Wagner, she’s as sharp as Maddow, and less snarky.


Live in a bubble much?

I wouldn’t say she’s as bad as CM (in the same way), but I can’t watch her for more than a few minutes. Her smarmy, lecturing style makes me want to puke.

Bill Maher is my talking head of choice. Once in awhile something nutty, but 95% of the time hilarious and spot on.

That’s just the leftover GOP in your blood. Watch her a few nights and she’ll burn it out and you’ll be frotting against the trees with the rest of us.

Oh, I’ve tried. I wanted to like her-- I really did. But I don’t.

Now, having said that, I think she’s great… when she’s on Bill Maher’s show. On her own, she’s just not my cup of tea.