Why does Chris Mathews have a job?

I mean, not sweeping up floors or driving a cab. How did this idiot get a job holding forth for two hours every night on MSNBC when it’s evident that he A) doesn’t know a fucking thing, and B) yammers on and on about all the nothing that he doesn’t know?

He’s the rudest sumbitch I’ve seen, and I’ve seen some. If he had God Almighty on his show, it would go something like this:

CM: "Welcome back to hardball, only on MSNBC, we have with us tonight, God, the creator of the universe, and generally one of the most important–is “people” the right word? anyway, a very big guy in the religion business. I’ve been a big fan of His, ever since I grew in Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsavania, Irish, the son of Irish immigrants, who believed in Him like most Pennsavanians do, hardworking, salt of the earth people I grew up with. Your Majesty, welcome to hardball.

G: Thank you, Chris, good to be–

CM: Let’s get down to it, the question is everyone is asking: What’s it all about?

G: Glad you asked me, Chris. Essentially, as I see it–

CM: although that may have sounded disrespectful, because that’s the same question in the movie “Alfie”-- or the song “Alfie”? Is it a song or a movie? A movie, I guess, starring that English guy, what’s his name? Do you know who I mean? What am I saying–you’re God, of course you know. Or do you do? Do you follow popular culture much, or do you have your hands busy with more important things? Can you really be present everywhere? I have a hard time being present in one place. HA!

G: Well, the main thing I’d want to say to people is–

CM: “What’s it all about, Alfie? Is it just for the moment we live–” Mitchell Crane, that’s the actor I was thinking of, or something like that, although they remade that movie, didn’t they, with that other skinny Englishman, what’s his name? No, don’t tell me, I have it right here–Jude Law, right? Boy, he’s good. Funny name, though, Jude Law, sounds like ‘Jewish Law,’ and that’s something you know something about, isn’t it, “Jewish Law,” of course, what am I saying? You wrote the book on Jewish law, didn’t you? Did you win the Pulitzer for that one?

G: I prefer to think of them as universal laws, which–

CM: But , sure, your Godliness, you chose the Jewish people? The expression, the chosen people? You heard that one, right? Is that true or false, that you chose the Jews? Strange choice, if you ask me, but what do I know? I’m just a kid from Pennsavania. You’re the one to ask. So I’m asking: did you choose the Jews? Better yet, cause that’s a little complicated, and I don’t really care what your answer is, let me ask this; are you pro-choice in general?

G: Abortion is a troubing issue, Chris–

CM: Don’t waffle, your Godship, I hate people who come down the middle on the tough issues, let’s put this to a straight-up yea-or-nay vote, no tabling or letting it die in committee, I used to work for Tip O’Neill, so I know all about the ways politicians can avoid giving straight answers–you remind me a little bit of Tip O’Neill, actually. Did anyone ever mention that to you? That you look like Tip O’Neill? Or sound like him, actually, more than look him? How is Tip, by the way? Did he get into Heaven? How does that work, anyway? Heaven and Hell, I mean.

I’d like to kick him in the balls. Hard.

I dunno about all that but it surprises me he’s on TV because he spits when he talks. Gross.

I’m not familiar with the “media personality” you’re Pitting but I will say that my wife won’t let me watch TV news or current affairs shows with her any more because I spend too much time shouting things like “How the fuck does this wanker have a job as a TV host when I can’t even get a gig writing ad copy for community newspapers?” or “THIS CURRENT AFFAIRS SHOW DISPLEASES AND INFURIATES MORBO!” at the television.

We’ve decided it’s better for everyone’s sanity if I get my news from the BBC. :smiley:

I think Chris is by far the weak link in the MSNBC chain. I do admire him for asking Michele Bachmann if she was hypnotized but he lets far too many conservative guests slip in their talking points unchallenged. As Ernie Harwell would say, he’d stand there like the house by the side of the road as talking points zip right by him where Rachel Maddow would knock it out of the park. Right now I rank the MSNBC big 4 as Rachel, Larry, Ed, Chris.

His bosses probably tried to fire him, but they couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

Probably the same reason assclowns like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly have jobs - their schtick plays well with partisan rubes.

Yes, he’s on TV news. What’s not to understand? Don’t watch TV news; it’s dreadful.


Tiny white text so I can get my all-caps Matthews impression in here.

What I’ve never understood is why Tweety has a show at 5 and then a replay at 7. Just pick one time slot or the other, MSNBC.

9/10. Nice work, Prr.

Matthews used to be much better. More sane. I used to like him. Now he comes off like a hyper partisan idiot. And they girl he brought up with him with the big eyes, big head and big cackle is so fucking annoying.

I agree with the 9/10. Funny. Well done.

Slight hijack because I’m not a fan of his show or his TV personality, but if you haven’t read his book: Hardball, I would highly recommend it. It’s fantastic.

ETA: And I meant to say his book undercuts the idea that he doesn’t know a thing.

He doesn’t come off as partisan, exactly. On some issues, he’s as retarded from the right as he is on most issues from the left. Kind of like Bill Maher.

I think he’s kind of funny. Unlike the intellectually pretentious and rude never let anyone finish a thought Bill O’Reilly.

I’m fine with his politics, but as far as bing rude and never letting anyone finish? He’s rude and barely lets anyone start.

I friggin’ hate it when he asks a question, and when whoever it is starts to answer, he interrupts to ask the same question over again … sometimes using the precise same wording.

It’s like Tourette’s, compulsive interrupting without saying anything. I don’t think I have a problem with his politics, as far as he has any, but he’s far too simple-minded and bereft of social skills to host a TV show where his guests are supposed to expound.

I always figured that during every commercial break that he freebases cocaine, which explains why he talks so much, which in turn has caused him to have several micro strokes which explains why he talks like his mouth is full of melted ice cream.

I used to watch his other show, The Chris Mathews Show, at 10 am Sundays on our local NBC station until it was moved from 10 am to 5 AM Sundays, right after Comcrap bought out NBC.

I gotta say I like him. He’s certainly better than the other males hosts on MSNBC. I think the talking over problem, if you really watch it, is most manifest when someone is evading the question.

He’s very knowledgeable about political history and it’s cool hearing him drum up some esoteric issue from the '60s to parallel what they’re talking about. As to him being left or right, he’s certainly left, but is largely fair. He’s one of the few MSNBC talking heads that Republicans will actually come on.

He is highly critical about Bachman and Palin and other halfwits, but I think that’s because as a student of politics he can’t believe how low the bar has become on the right.

Matthews is an embarassment to MSNBC. They should’ve shit-canned him instead of Olberman.