Christian glurge...I think

My cousin posted this…

“it’s so… ? When I realized I couldn’t go to sleep, it was 11:11. Now that I decide I can try again, I see 1:11 - just got finished with the date 2 12 2011, it was a very good day, What an amazing God we serve!”

what the heck is she trying to tell us :confused:

I don’t know.

I’m nominally Christian, and I don’t blame G-d for a lousy day, nor do I praise him when I can finally sleep. (I use alcohol for that…)

I see two possibilities: someone who is into numerology, and believes that such close numbers actually mean something, or that the exclamation only has to do with the last part of that runon sentence–that God is amazing because she had a good day.

So either she doesn’t understand irony, or is a bad writer. Your pick.

Only in an intelligently designed universe would the numbers be in the right order?

Could be one of those OCD things people have about numbers on clocks. I don’t see any obvious connection between the numbers and the sentiment of the closing exclamation (they don’t match any obviously well-known Bible verses, as far as I can tell)

There is some meme going around about the Number 11. It’s not specifically Christian. I hear it referenced a lot on Coast To Coast AM & nowhere else. Your cousin may have picked up on this & sees it as some sort of a sign.

Meanwhile, it’s 4:20 somewhere… L

Its what the monks have been chanting for centuries:

“numerologicae theological insomnea…”

Perfect example of a logic leap into the wall.

She could’ve easily have said something like, “I tried to sleep at 111:11, then fell asleep at 1:11, I had a great day! Voldemort was right!!!”

:mad: That’s ridiculous. It’s not even funny!

Oh, I suppose you think that’s just a coincidence then?

She thinks a mundane coincidence is miraculous and rife with meaning.

Is your cousin that type of Christian who talks about God in a kind of baby talk voice (those who have heard this know what I’m talking about)? Is she given to a lot of sentiment and fancy?

It’s actually new-age nonsense that’s been around for a while; type “11:11” into Amazon and you’ll get a bunch of pseudo-science junk like this. (Saving you dollars and brain cells: The “harmonic unity of the universe” causes you to look at clocks at 11:11. Which definitely sounds cooler than “confirmation bias,” and is therefore right.)

I don’t think it’s Christian at all, except for the usual cross-polination between the various loony fringes.

Hey, when I went shopping for my grandmother earlier today, my change was 6.66 – should I worry? :wink:
Maybe she was just REALLY out of it from lack of sleep?