Christian nation

A thread was closed asking if this was a Christian nation.There are a Majority of People in the US that call them self Christian, but from my vantage point it is hard to tell. Too many spend their time worrying about putting Christ in Christmas and not enough putting Christ in their hearts and minds. Too many seem to be more like the Pharisees of Jesus’s time wearing their religion on their person but not acting their beliefs. One need look to Japan , it is only 1% Christian, it is the country with the least crime, and look at the difference between how the people of Japan are acting during the catastrophy now, and the People of Haiti with 80% Catholic.

Too many spend their time looking for the bad in others and hating someone because they disagree on another’s behavior…looking for the speck in someone elses eye and not seeing the plank in their own. They seem to speak of morals, but think going to church often and quoting the Bible they are so much better than others. There are many Christians that try to live like their religion tells them to, but they aren’t running around worrying about losing their faith! The man they claim to follow didn’t spend His time looking for faults in others,but he did criticise the ones who ran around flauting their own virtues!

The Japanese could teach the Christians a lot about how to live, as Christians say Jesus wanted them to live!

I am not a Christian, but I do observe, and see no better actions that are Christ like than most atheists I know,

Preach it, monavis.

It seems like every time I hear somebody say it’s a Christian nation, they are arguing for some kind of discrimination against non-christians (like trying to stop a mosque from being built) or to force non-christians to obey their religious rules (like preventing same-sex marriage).

Not that I would agree with it even if they were promoting something positive that isn’t fucking with other people’s rights, but the phrase seems to be almost synonymous with “Hello, I’m I bigot!”.

I, Bigot, is a collection of nine science fiction short stories by Zionist Asimov…

Crap. Of course, that should have been “Hello, I’m a bigot!”

What is supposed to be the debate, here? Or is this just anti-witnessing?

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I’m a Christian and I endorse this OP. But I don’t see the debate, unless you think someone on the SDMB is going to argue that America really is a Christian nation.

I see no sign this is a Christian nation.

Here’s your sign.

You mean other than having “In God We Trust” on our money, opening most our legislative bodies with a prayer and the histeria that results when an atheist billboard or sign goes up?

We’re a Christian nation in the sense that the majority of the population is Christian, and that Christianity has influenced American culture, thought patterns, and public life. We’re not a Christian nation in that we don’t have a state religion, require people to be Christian, or have legal discrimination against non-Christians.

Those may be argued to be pro-religion but none of them are specifically Christian. Legislative opening prayers are supposed to be non-sectarian and are often given by non-Christian religious leaders.

I think he is witnessing and seeing very well. monavis is stating what Jesus taught.

I LOLed.

This nation does not have any of those things. (If we had a legislative body, we probably would open with a prayer, but that still would not make this a Christian nation.)

You’d think that if we were a Christian nation, that the folks who drafted and ratified the Treaty of Tripoli would have known it.

Well said. I think this should be quoted in all future threads on the subject.

Then again I don’t think we have histeria over atheist billboards, nor hysteria either, the last time I checked.

It is ironic that European countries that have state religions have much lower church attendance than we have in the United States.

I have participated in debates like this in the past, and they never got anywhere. Whether or not the United States is a Christian nation depends on how one defines “Christian nation,” and on which facts one chooses to emphasis, and which facts one chooses to ignore.

I agree, it depends on how you define the word Christian. our Constitution makes Church and State separate,that is so the government can’t control one’s religion and one’s Religion can’t control the State. It guarntees the freedom for all religions and protects the Minority against the Majority.

Should people of another religion than Christian become the majority, it would then protect the Christians and allow them to practice their beliefs without being forced into accepting the beliefs of another. Our founding fathers had lived under Church rule and knew people in minorities needed protection to practice their faith without fear, or forced to follow anything against their conscience.

I doubt that Christians would want to be forced to live under Shia Law, should that become the Majority!

That’s news to me.