"Christian" website does crowdfund for underage Kenosha shooter after GFM refuses to do it

It certainly gives another party (be it a family member or a bail bondsman or the trustees of some fund set up to cover bail) an interest in ensuring that the accused shows up for trial.

That’s not nothing.

That said, for some (many, perhaps even most) persons accused of crimes, there are effective means of ensuring appearance that require neither cash bail nor detention.

Yeah, that was pretty weird, in a Howard Cosell kind of way.

What a drive by Ty Detmer, Brigham Young’s plucky quarterback! Forty-four yards in only three plays certainly shows with clarity why he’s an early favorite to win the Heisman Trophy. Incidentally, this young man does NOT like chocolate ice cream.

Huh. Maybe that’s why, as much as everyone keeps saying that “things won’t bring you happiness,” their actions so often say that they really don’t believe it.

It was a pretty straightforward post, so I assume you’re talking about him? I agree it is weird to try and claim that you don’t remember a previous conversation in the same thread, and didn’t even think to scroll up and check. I assume it was an attempt at snark, but even snark is supposed to make sense, rather than imply you have some sort of memory disorder.

For anyone who didn’t scroll up to check the previous conversation: ASL and I had a rather lengthy discussion about whether or not it made sense to argue with Christians. The things I said in that paragraph directly reference his previous post, and explain why I decided, at the time, to not reply back to him.

I can believe he forgot the conversation at first, but I am incredulous that the mention about Christians wouldn’t have reminded him of the previous conversation. I guess I need to treat him less like a poster who cares about arguing, and more like one who plays to the crowd.

Okay, I guess.

Hope I don’t hear back about this in April…

It was almost three months ago, you didn’t quote the post, and you were replying initially to a much more recent post. I figured it out. Eventually. But, yeah…