"Christian" website does crowdfund for underage Kenosha shooter after GFM refuses to do it

A scammy “As seen on TV”-esque textile company with the owner as a tiresome pitchman selling vastly overpriced products to the gullible. Their site at mypillow.com is safe enough.

Ricky Schroder Helped Bail Out Teenage Gunman Kyle Rittenhouse

Some Twitter response:

Ricky Schroeder is the Kirk Cameron of Scott Baios.

The good news is, it looks like this Ricky Schroder (had to look him up) has already been effectively “cancelled.” So no need to give him any more attention. Pre-cancelled. That ought to be the term when a long faded C-lister supports a deplorable cause.

Where do I donate to the prosecution? They might need some support.

Hey give Ricky a break, he’s still broken up about his Dad.

Perhaps, but his dad has been setting a REAL bad example lately.

Kinda hope Rittenhouse jumps bail and Ricky loses his money.

Really it just highlights the absurdity of how many US jurisdictions use bail. Having someone else, someone the accused has no relationship with whatsoever at that, put up two million dollars doesn’t do anything to deter flight. It might as well be ROR, no bail. Which, much as I’d like to see this little shit rot in prison, would actually be better because then everyone who is deemed “not a flight risk” could remain free awaiting trial.

Bail of this sort ensures the availability of the money. Not the availability of the accused at trial.

It would be an inherent flaw in using money to hold people, though. Or course the accused is going to have to actually raise money if they don’t have it. And that will require other people to give them money. So even if you don’t allow someone else to pay bail, there’s no way that person couldn’t just give it to the accused to then pay the bail.

The whole idea of using money is the problem. For low amounts, they aren’t generally a flight risk and could just be released. For slightly higher risk, monitor them and take away documents that would allow them to travel. For any higher risk, just detain them.

Oh, and in case it isn’t clear, I didn’t stop replying to you because I agreed with you. You may choose to throw up your hands debating Christians, but I don’t, and have actually succeeded at times. It sucks that this wasn’t one of them, but I’ve converted people from pro-life to pro-choice by pointing out what the Bible actually says, so I think I know what I’m doing.

I’m sorry, have we met before?

Good post, BigT.

Agreed - using money to hold people in jail is a flawed, archaic practice. It almost ensures inequities in the criminal justice system from the start.

You say that as though that was a bug, not an intended feature.


I’m saying it’s bullshit - shouldn’t exist.

That’s not to defend Sir Silver Spoon or the poster boy for NRA.

Oh, I agree. I am just pointing out that the effect was intended from the start.

Of course, paying for someone else’s bail is a time honored tradition. That’s why you get a phone call, to get someone to come bail you out.

But, that person is usually someone who knows you, and someone that trusts that you won’t skip out on them.

A celebrity just posting bail from his wealth doesn’t have the same effect.

Next you’ll try and tell me that a Constitution built around the protection of “life, liberty, and property” will necessarily do more for those with property than those without.

Especially when some of that “property” the Constitution was built around protecting was people who were denied their life and liberty.

That “life, liberty, happiness” stuff is in the Declaration of Independence. None of that made its way into the Constitution.

I learned in my U. S. History class that the framers of the Declaration of Independence really did think at first to enshrine the defense of life, liberty, and property until someone pointed out that only the wealthy had property and they sure didn’t want to upset that applecart. So they settled on “pursuit of happiness” in place of property.

I don’t believe anyone mentioned happiness or the pursuit thereof, and we were talking about the Constitution. Where property did manage to make the trinity via the Bill of Rights.