Can we please not call Joseph Rosenbaum a "hero"?

The other two victims, yeah you can call them heroes if you want. But holy shit Joseph should have spent the rest of his life in jail for anally raping an 8 year old and molesting 4 other children. All I can say is FUUUUUUUUUCCCCK that guy!

Who is calling him a “hero”?

I think Asuka is confused; I only see Huber being described as a “hero”, mostly because of the statement released by his family calling him one. Rosenbaum is mostly just described as being mentally ill and/or a victim.

I saw on the news that somebody related to Jacob Blake ( I believe his father) upon hearing the verdict claim that all 3 men shot were “Heroes” for protesting in the streets and I’ve seen a few people on Twitter lump them all together as heroes.

I found a text link which was incredibly hard since I could only find videos of it.

Blake slammed local officials for their role the night of the unrest that led to the deaths of two people. To see these young men lose their lives, to see their family have to go through worse than we went through, to see the weakness and the underbelly of this country and how the racism runs from the courtroom to the police station to the mayor’s office. They all have blood on their hands for the mishandling of that whole entire night,” Blake said.

“These people will never come back to their family,” he added.
Blake called Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum heroes because they died while supporting protests held for his nephew.

The victims “were White but they were out here supporting my nephew who was Black … they were out here supporting some just cause and died in the process, so they are heroes,” Blake said, growing emotional. “They could have been at home and missed all of this.”

Yeah could have been home teaching some kid about the Birds and the Bees.

Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t know who Joseph Rosenbaum was when he shot him four times so it’s irrelevant to his murder.

If Joseph Rosenbaum committed rape, he should have been arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison. Not randomly shot in the street.

Kyle Rittenhouse committed three murders. He also should have been arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison.


Are you a Rosenbaum truther?

That’s all you got? Little_Nemo is stating a position that he or she supports the rule of law, not the flagrant vigilantism that the Wisconsin jury just rewarded.

Really? You’re not familiar with the if > then construction of sentences?

I don’t know why you’re angry at me, I didn’t stick a dick up a kids ass.

Well, what have you done that we can use to justify your, unrelated, murder?

Hey, we’re not barbarians here who toss slander and/or libel around. The correct question is: What has he allegedly done that we can use to justify his, unrelated, murder?

Well I don’t know that, so that puts me in the same position vis a vis murdering you as Rittenhouse is with Rosenbaum.

He was. He served just over 14 years in prison for victimizing 5 boys between the ages of 9 and 11.

The irony is that he was supposed to be in law enforcement custody at the time of his death (for non-sex crimes). If he had been, he would likely still be alive.

Hours before the fatal encounter, Rosenbaum had been released from a local hospital in the wake of a suicide attempt, the Washington Post reported last fall.

He had pending charges in Wisconsin for alleged domestic abuse and jumping bail at the time of his death.

Not that any of that justifies his murder.

Well, well, well. vigilantes are out of control.

Far-Right Kyle Rittenhouse Supporters Are Threatening Man They Incorrectly Believe Is On Jury
Supporters of Kyle Rittenhouse are currently threatening a man they incorrectly believe is on the jury.

Naw, they would never do anything dangerous or illegal, right?

It just seems to me that you are angry about something fairly rare. There’s no trend to calling Rosenbaum a hero. Sure, some people lump all three of them together, due to their undeserved deaths, but no one is saying that a child molester is a hero. And even that is not widespread.

It’s also getting close to implying his death was justified. You’d do well to say “sure, this has nothing to do with why he was killed.” Especially right now as much of the nation is reeling at the unfortunately expected injustice of the verdict. We’ll see more and more people like this guy showing up with pointlessly large guns hoping to get involved in a fight.

It’s not like this practice is uncommon: it happened at both very peaceful BLM protests in my town, too. These wannabe protectors/thrill seekers are everywhere.

Personally, I’d argue that “hero” is a term that gets thrown out too wildly these days. Unless the argument is that these guys were trying to protect others, I would not use the label “hero” for any of them. I do consider them victims, however, and any criminal background has no bearing on that determination.

I most definitely would use the term hero for those who tried to disarm that killer.

Yeah and he threw the bag so he was littering!

I am looking forward to your next brave proclamation: “I don’t care what the rest of you think-Hitler was a bad guy!”

I’m not a Republican, a white supremacist, a gun owner, or a member of the Rittenhouse family. So I haven’t felt like I’ve had a stake in defending Kyle Rittenhouse and I really haven’t been paying too much attention to his trial.

So the first time I heard that Joseph Rosenbaum had a criminal past was when I read the OP. I’m not even sure if I knew the names of the people Rittenhouse killed.

When I read a post from some anonymous guy on the internet who was saying Rosenbaum had anally raped an eight year old, it sounded like somebody was passing along what they read on QAnon. And I gave it the amount of credibility such a post deserved. It wasn’t until I saw Atamasama’s post that I realized you were posting about something that actually happened in the real world.

Now that I know more, I will retract the “if” from my previous post.

Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t know who Joseph Rosenbaum was when he shot him four times so it’s irrelevant to his murder.

When Joseph Rosenbaum committed rape, he was arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison. He should not have been randomly shot in the street.

Kyle Rittenhouse committed three murders. He also should have been arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison.