"Christian" website does crowdfund for underage Kenosha shooter after GFM refuses to do it

I think it would be cool, for want of a better word, if the people who started it get in trouble for not donating the money.

I tried to post this on Facebook, and it wouldn’t allow me to post the link AND auto-deleted the post. I posted it here so people could read the comments if their stomachs are strong enough to do so, and I do realize that some people might have taken advantage of it so they could contribute themselves.

I forgot to mention in the OP that as of right now, they’ve raised almost $250,000 - money that could have, among other things, fed and sheltered a lot of homeless people.

Well, I figure folks can donate their money to whatever cause they want to.

You are aware that you just posted a link to the “contribute to the murderer’s defense fund” right?
(ETA: I’ll send $25 to the ACLU as a result, thanks.)

Do you, now? I don’t figure that they should donate their money to causes that are anti-social, immoral, or otherwise counterproductive to the interests of a peaceful and just society. This fucker has been charged with – among other things – first-degree intentional homicide, reckless homicide, attempted intentional homicide and two counts of recklessly endangering safety. That’s potentially enough to put him away for life. He was a gun fanatic, cheerleader for police power, and of course an avid Trump supporter.

And folks can still donate to his defense fund if they want to.

I don’t like it, but if that’s what they want to do, no one can really stop them. It’s their money.

And we can pit both those that donate, and those who facilitate such donations.

You sure can. It would be interesting to see if anyone here donates, but that is unlikely. I don’t understand why folks would donate to something like that.

The motherfucker lives in Antioch. Illinois. Which is not Kenosha, Wisconsin. He heard of “trouble” across the state line, grabbed his rifle, and drove to Wisconsin. Now, the only people killed in the “trouble” were killed by him. Fuck him.

Is there a go fund me for the victims and their families?

Maybe the OP is following that side of things, whaddya say, OP?

I haven’t bothered to look to see if the website is Christian as well as “Christian”, but as a Christian, the quotation marks bother me. As a Christian, I support criminals and other sinners, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I notice in that ridiculous crowdfunding stunt, they’vee altered the flag of the United States of America to have one blue stripe in place of one of the second white stripe from the bottom. (Does that mean they think all cops are white, or that the only cops that matter are white?) Can you imagine what the reaction would be if, say, Black Lives Matter protestors were to carry a similarly altered flag but with a black stripe in place of one of the red or white stripes? And what’s with people who generally demand other people join with them in worshiping the US flag altering said flag?

Now back to the felon in question: ISTR that he was illegally armed in the first place. This individual most definitely is not “a good guy with a gun” unless you count “bigoted racist white sociopath” as “a good guy”.

As a Christian, the quotation marks don’t bother me in the least. The money pouring in for the shooter’s legal defense isn’t out of some urge to save this young man from evil, but rather to support his evil works, somehow regarding them as good.

I don’t believe in any of this Antichrist/Tribulation/Rapture bullshit, but I’ve said a number of times that if the Antichrist were real, Donald Trump would be a pretty good dry run for him, a proof of concept that the time was right for the real thing. And the “Christians” of America’s evangelical movement are overwhelmingly in his corner. And they love him most of all because, like this young man, he wants to stick it to the same people they want to stick it to.

What do you mean by “support”? Do you mean forgive them and release them into the community without consequence? Do you mean encourage them?

What I believe in is justice, which means justifiable mercy balanced with the best interests and safety of society. It doesn’t seem to me likely that the majority of those contributing to this murderer’s defense fund are doing so in order to serve the cause of justice – that they’re doing it because otherwise he won’t receive a fair trial. I think they’re doing it because they support him – because they like what he did. I bet most of them have Trump-Pence signs on their front lawns and hypocrisy in their souls.

That’s a cop flag. Lots of cops in America fly it. It didn’t exist prior to BLM. Curious, eh?

I knew what it is. My point is these flag worshipers are defacing the flag.

It just boggled my mind that ANY organization other than hardcore white supremacists would allow such a fundraiser, and posted the link so Dopers would know it was real.

The original link I saw was just to the GSG website had, on its home page, a fundraiser with a mixed-race couple (he’s black, she’s white, and they had two young children and were needing money for uninsured medical expenses) so it’s a pretty safe bet the webmasters aren’t racist. Apolitical? Doesn’t sound like it.

One of the few comments I DID see was someone who signed themselves, “Hardcore atheist and hardcore 2nd amendment believer.” Yikes.

I just sent mine to the Democratic National Campaign. Thanks.

According to the Washington Post:

There’s a go fund me site for Joseph Rosenbaum, too, which has raised a little less than $25,000.

(I have no idea if any of the sites are legit; I’m not posting links. There are multiple go fund me pages for the two who were killed.)