Christian youth songs

For whatever reason, a couple of songs I heard performed by Christian youth choruses popped into my head. Does anyone know the lyrics to them?

1st one:
*Sunday child, don’t be a Sunday child
On Sunday s/he is quite a saint
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and
Friday, Saturday a sain’t s/he ain’t

Give attention to [someone] O’Toole
[S]He is [something] at our Sunday school
[She/He] leaves the church before [something about a rule]
[S]He is a Sunday child too*
2nd one:
Eat, drink, laugh and be merry
Live for the moment; the limit’s the sky
Make your own rules, and never say die
And crucify him! Crucify him!

Why would I, of all people, want to know about Christian songs? Eh, go figure. But you know how it is when things get into your head.
EDIT: I’ve just remembered where I heard the first one. Jeezoid cousin was in a choir when I was like five years old. ISTR that the second one had something to do with my dad’s friend’s daughter.