Christine Lavin Appreciation Thread

Now… some may have heard of Christine because of her song, Sensitive New Age Guys, which got a lot of play on the Dr. Demento show.

Her music is an amazing blend of the funny, poignant, and socially aware without hitting one over the head.

Where her songs are concerned, I am torn between The Kind of Love You Never Recover From, Cold Pizza For Breakfast, and Regretting What I Said… as my favourite of her songs.

There are some days where her music seems like it is the soundtrack to my life. Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch can really play well when I’m having to deal with the public at large.

So. Who on here appreciates and/or adores Christine Lavin? Anyone been lucky enough to see her perform live?

I’ve only heard one song of hers, which is “Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind” but I love it. I should look for more of her stuff.

I’ve be a fan since her EP with “If you want space, go to Utah” from many, many years ago.

I still have a glow stick she autographed for me from a show in NH many years ago. It’s the very first one she ever autographed, someday it’ll be worth millions. She’s one of the few singer songwriters who incorperates baton twirling into her act.

The 4 Bitchin’ Babes albums are great, but I prefer her solo myself.

My wife introduced me to her, first through the song “Mysterious Woman” and then through her albums. We’ve been to a couple of her concerts, and I got to be one of six guys backing her up on “Sensitive New Age Guys”. After the show, we stayed and talked with her.
Interesting woman.

If you go to her website you can buy not only her CDs and tapes, but also some self-printed books. One is about the planet Pluto!

I’ve seen her perform live twice, once at the Backstage in Seattle, once here in Alexandria at the Birchmere. I have several of her albums, none more recent than Compass. I used to have one of her coveted “Baseball Cards” but lost it.

Cute story: Last time I saw her live (about two years ago), she asked me (from the stage) if the woman next to me and I were a couple. I said no, so she asked if there was a chance we’d become a couple. I said “No, she’s my sister.” and she said “Oh! Miss Angelina Jolie!”

Wonderful performer.

Full disclosure: I find Lavine slightly annoying at times, for reasons I can’t quite articulate.

That being said, I think “Katy Says Today is the Best Day of Her Whole Entire Life” is one of the best songs about a dying relationship ever, and I can’t help getting a little teary eyed each time I listen to it.

“I’m a fly on a plane.”


We’ve got a couple of her discs. Agreed, she’s quite good.

I haven’t heard a lot of Christine Lavin songs, but I like the ones I have. Regretting What I Said… is brilliant, on a trip to New York City I had the tape player in my car cued up so I could listen to it at the corner of 49th and 3rd. I also have a weak spot for Amoeba Hop, the honky-tonk piano puts that song over the top. A couple years ago I heard a great interview with her on NPR, while I was driving home from a dopefest.

I have a recording of a cover version of Regretting What I Said… done by Debi Smith. It just doesn’t work. After listening to it a few times I figured out why; it is sung completely earnestly. It’s as if this woman has sung so many heartfelt songs so honestly, that there’s just no other way she can do it. She is genuinely sorry for all those things she said. Which makes it hysterical again, but in a completely different way.

Any Christine Lavin fans might also want to check out the work of Andrew Ratshin (Uncle Bonsai, Electric Bonsai Band, Mel Cooleys). He does the same sort of hyper-literate, satiric folk music.

And a slight identify-this-song hijack. I heard a song years ago on my college radio station, and I always thought it was by Christine Lavin but I’ve never been able to track it down. It think it was called “Love on the 40th Floor” (or something similar). It’s about a woman who works in a corporate skyscraper and falls in love with a guy in the mailroom. It doesn’t work out, and in despair she throws herself out the high-rise window. And lands on him. Thanks in advance.

the song you’re thinking of, Robot Arm is Doris and Edwin : the Movie. It’s just great. I had the chance to see her live a few years ago. She did my nails during intermission :slight_smile:

One of my favorites is Bald Headed Men–because I just love bald headed men and I got me one, too! And pizza leftovers always have me singing Cold Pizza for Breakfast. And if you can get a copy of What Was I Thinking from her Live at the Cactus Grill album, it’s really great, too.

Oh, forgot to mention, it’s on the Beau Woes and Other Problems album.

That particular gem is by Lavin and is entitled Doris and Edwin: The Movie . I know it is a song, not a movie, but that’s what it is called.

I like her stuff. She’s got an good ear and sense of humor. I’ve even stolen her great line “If you want space, go to Utah.”

Getting in touch… is one of my favorite CDs of hers. Harrison Ford 's one of my favorite songs “…even telepathically, Harrison Ford’s a powerful man…” Major funniness. I love the Cheryl Wheeler song “Christine Lavin Could Do It” which pays homage to her mightiness.

My favorite is “What was I thinking?!”. Her narration in the middl eof “Inner Bitch” is pretty funny, too.

The first time I heard “Sensitive New Age Guys” I laughed on the first occurrence of the line “Who likes songs that are repetitious?” because the song already is (intentionally, of course). I suppose she repeated the line just to make sure everybody got it. Probably a good decision.

I’m quite fond of her “Live at the Cactus cafe” album, myself.

I’ve been known to break into “Bald-Headed Men” and “What Was I Thinking?” at dramatically appropriate moments . . .

I love this song and I am so happy I now know who sings it! Yay, SDMB! I heard this once on a folk show and practically died laughing. I hope the recorded version includes her prelude to the song, about how she was covered in mud at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

My favorite Christine Lavin song is “The Wild Blue”. The first time I heard it, I cried. And I am NOT a sappy person!

“Harrison Ford” and “Regretting What I Said…” just kill me, too.

I like the song “Please Don’t Make Me Too Happy” because it reminds me of my parents thanks to the line “I’m Catholic, you’re Jewish, we aren’t supposed to be this happy.” My mom’s Catholic, and my dad’s Jewish, and they’ve been happily married for 29 years.

“What Was I Thinking?” is a work of pure genius . . . especially the (non-)ending!

“Happy Divorce Day” is brilliant, it perfectly captures my feelings about my divorce from my first wife. Funny story. A few months after we seperated, I had a guy in to repair my copy machine. We were talking, and it came out that he was freshly divorced too. I played the song for him, and he said quietly that yes, it did fit. He then told me that he didn’t have the right stuff to fix the copier, and that he would call the next day to schedule a return visit with the right tools. I never heard from him again.

A few years ago, a friend sent me a package containing two items: a large book containing the stories of several saints and Christine Lavin’s Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch. I’ve been hooked ever since. The first song I ever heard by her was Single Voice which he played for me over the phone.

I’ve threatened to have a Piranha Women of the Avocado Jungle of Death party, since I found out the movie actually exists. If I can locate a copy of it, it’s on, complete with guacamole!

By the way, my favorite part of Harrison Ford is the underlying, “I’m so lucky that he doesn’t carry Ma-ha-hace.”


I picked up the “Future Fossils” LP when it was a feature review in the old Rounder Records Roundup and have been a lifelong fan ever since. A few personal favorites are “Artificial Means” and her tribute to John Lennon “The Dakota”. I have been to see her live show dozens of times. My mother was a majorette when she was younger and used to twirl baton around the house.(pretty tough on the chandeliers) After we lost my mom, that part of her show always reminded me of her.

I truly admire and respect the energy and effort that Christine puts into promoting the careers of so many promising new artists.

BTW I had my nails done too, and I’m a guy. It was a great chance to have a nice conversation with her.

Here’s the CD it’s on and it even has the intro. :smiley: It’s a tribute album to Christine Lavin.