Your favorite song right now...

Do you have a current favorite song? You know, the one that you want to hear most when the radio is playing or the one that you’d like to wake up to in the morning.

Well, for the moment, mine is “SING” by TRAVIS. In fact, I bought the CD last night and listened to the song about 25-30 times in a row. And then I listened to it another 10 or so times this morning and showed up late to work.

Anyway, please share.

My favorite songs tend to run along the lines of “Fido is a Hot Dog Now,” “Lena, Queen o’ Palesteena” and “Cohen Owes Me Ninety-Seven Dollars.”

They are rarely playing on the radio when I get up in the morning.

“Sing” is a wonderful song.
These days, I can’t stop playing Weezer’s “green album.” The song “Hash Pipe” is a GREAT tune (“Whoa-oh, come on and kick me…”)…

A Perfect Circle’s 3 libra’s damn good song. It’s never on the radio as far as I know. Good thing I have the CD on my computer.

“A Kiss to Build a Dream On” by Louis Armstrong

Music…ah…sweet and fickle muse…

I have two songs that I love right now…
‘Randy Describes Eternity’ by Built to Spill and ‘St. Thomas’ by Sonny Rollins.
That Sonny Rollins…whenever I her the first chords of that song it is always a sunny spring day. It is on the Saxaphone Colossus record, btw.

Currently, my favorite song is “Good Way To Get On My Bad Side” (Mark Chesnut/Tracy Byrd).

“Wings of the Dawn” by Sheila Chandra when she was with Monsoon.

While I do like Hashpipe a lot, and thought Sing was quite nice when I heard it for the first time yesterday, my current favorite song is Alien Ant Farm’s cover of * Smooth Criminal*.

Since last night it’s “High Life” by Counting Crows. It may be something else tomorrow.

“The Space Between” by Satan’s own orchestra, the Dave Matthews band.

elfkin477- I fucking love that Alien Ant Farm remake. Hashpipe, too, is about the most catchiest song ever…yay for Weezer. :slight_smile: There’s one song on the radio that I adore, but haven’t caught the title of or artist yet…something about “There is no love left in your eyes, there is love between your thighs…” Anyone know it? Anybody? Please let me know…

“Overjoyed” by Jars of Clay (“Who am I? That I should company with something so divine…”)

“I’m Stupid” by STH

For some unknown reason, I’ve fallen in love - for the second time - with Radiohead’s cover of Wish You Were Here. Really great song.

As far as radio songs, I’ll have to put another vote in for Alien Antfarm’s cover of “Smooth Criminal.” Also, I’m totally in LOVE with Lifehouse’s “6 Cycle Carousel.” GREAT song.

In my CD collection, the song “Made to Heal” on the latest Our Lady Peace CD is pretty choice as well.

Don Henley…“The Heart of the Matter”.

In all of our lives, things are going to happen that we do not understand. And we are not, necessarily, EVER going to understand. Hanging on to anger hurts the person who holds it more than the person, or people, the anger is directed toward.

This is a song that says it so well, so succinctly, so beautifully. I love this song.

Forgive…it is powerful in terms of healing.


Natural Science, by Rush.
Still my fav. Even beats out Red Barchetta and Witch Hunt.

Madreblu’s “Certamente” is still tops (as it has been for several weeks now).

Dave Navarro (sp?), of Jane’s Addiction.

I saw Lucinda Williams last night and I can’t get ‘Joy’ out of my head. They did a version that lasted about 10 minutes with her and Bo Ramsey trading guitar licks and it totally kicked A**.

I feckin hate that ‘Sing’ song. It gets totally overplayed on the radio.

Mine would have to be Reel Big Fish’s cover of ‘Hungry like the wolf’ originally by Duran Duran.